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Finances & Billing

Longwood's Billing & Payment System

Longwood University has modernized its billing and payment methods by utilizing an electronic billing and payment solution, TouchNet Ebill. This online based payment system eliminates paper bills and allows for quick and easy management of student accounts. Your student may designate authorized users to access their account and make payments on their behalf. Learn more


Financial Aid Information

Face it College isn’t cheap. You know it and so does Longwood. That’s why we encourage your participation in various federal, state or local financial aid programs. There is money out there for you and your student to fund their future, so don’t be afraid to take advantage.

Financial aid tends to be a major source of anxiety and confusion for students and parents. We have tried our best to demystify the process and help you understand and know all there is to financial aid. Learn more


Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships at Longwood are offered from a wide range of resources and based on academic success and/or financial need. The Financial Aid Office provides information and counseling to all Longwood students on the various forms of financial assistance available, including scholarships.


Helping Your Student With Their Finances

Practical Money Skills for Students

Longwood University strives to help students learn about money management and develop the skills it takes to make responsible spending decisions today and long into the future, which includes:

  • Recognizing the importance of handling money wisely
  • Learning and understanding basic money management skills
  • Evaluating personal spending habits
  • Developing money management goals and
  • Learning to spot signs of potential financial trouble.

The following resources offer students these valuable financial life skills:

Understanding Credit Scores

Your student needs to be aware of their credit score and understand what affects it. Bad credit isn’t fun and is hard to restore, so help get your student started off right and refer them to this helpful guide by myFICO (pdf).


Tuition & Fees Calculator

Tuition CalculatorTuition and fees aren’t the same for everyone. They depend on several factors such as in-state or out-of-state rates, number of credits, and housing and meal options.

To figure out your student's individual tuition and fees, use our calculator.