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Speech-Language Pathology Online (SLPOnline)


**Professional Tuition Rate for SLPOnline for 2015-2016 Academic Year**

The classes we offer online via the SLPOnline program are the prerequisites one would probably need in order to apply to a graduate program in communication sciences and disorders.  Please note that the SLPOnline program is NOT an online graduate program.  Longwood offers a face-to-face graduate program for communication sciences and disorders. 


Fall 2015 semester
   Began March 18, 2015
   Continues through August 20, 2015

Summer 2015 c
lasses began May 18, 2015 and end July 31, 2015

Fall 2015 classes begin August 24, 2015 and end December 4, 2015


Please visit the 'How Do I Get Started?' page for complete enrollment information including forms, deadlines, and contacts.



Have you ever considered a career as a speech-language pathologist? Would you like to become a member of this challenging and rewarding profession?

Longwood's Speech-Language Pathology Online (SLPOnline) prerequisite coursework can prepare you to enter one of the variety of graduate programs available in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Please explore our website through the links below to learn more about becoming a speech-language pathologist and our online undergraduate prerequisite courses that can prepare you for graduate school.



Who is Eligible to Enroll in the Longwood SLPOnline prerequisites?

In order to enroll, students should either have a bachelor's degree or currently be working on a bachelor's degree.  These courses are designed to prepare individuals to apply to one of the variety of graduate schools that offer a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. For eventual certification, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association requires certain foundation knowledge outside the discipline of communication sciences and disorders. Students need to have a course in the Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Social/Behavioral Sciences and these courses are generally obtained during undergraduate education.


Student Comments

I have taken many courses through Longwood's Online Prerequisite program. I live in a rural area and love the convenience, flexibility, and accessibility of this program. In addition to taking courses, I have juggled the roles of parent, student, and employee. Taking two courses online along with other responsibilities was a full load. Completing the requirements of the online courses was challenging, yet manageable. The instructors and technical support staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and cognizant of the needs of online learners. I highly recommend Longwood's online program.

Theresa J. Davis


I am very much enjoying the online SLP prerequisite courses through Longwood. I feel the classes will give me a strong background in the field and prepare me to enter a graduate program. The instructors have been wonderful and very responsive. Since I had never taken an online course before, I had doubts about succeeding. The coursework and directions have all been presented very clearly and are helping me be successful. I look forward to future classes and continuing to learn online.

Miriam Cole


I had the pleasure of taking several courses through Longwood's Online Prerequisite program. The quality of the program shines with world-class professors. The professors are generous with their time and their considerable knowledge. They do an extraordinary job at teaching their students. Students are better able to complete the necessary prerequisites for Speech-Language Pathology in an efficient manner because of the shear variety of course offerings each semester. This remarkable array of courses is unique to Longwood University. The students support one another in their endeavors. The technology facilitates smooth coordination between the professor and students. Technology was seamless and I did not experience any glitches or delays. The online venue allows considerable discussion amongst the students. I view the opportunity to study with the professors at Longwood as an extraordinary educative experience.

Deirdre North