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Technical Skills & Requirements

Online @ Longwood students must have basic technical skills required to be successful in online learning.


Browser Skills

  • Bookmark Web sites
  • Empty the cache
  • Enable JavaScript
  • Set browser to accept cookies
  • Refresh/reload Web pages


  • Download and install programs and plug-ins

File Management

  • Set up files and find them as needed
  • Find files attached to e-mails
  • Find files downloaded from Canvas or Internet
  • Back up files on CD/DVD or disk
  • Back up plan for a computer crash at a critical time


  • Activate Longwood e-mail account
  • Send attachments
  • Cut & paste text
  • Use spell checker


  • Print Web pages with and without frames from the browser


  • Search the Internet successfully for resources


  • Download virus definitions updates regularly (weekly or more often as necessary)
  • Download current system patches