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First Year Experience Programs

As a first year student of Longwood University, you should take advantage of all the First Year Experience Programs that are offered!


The First Year Experience Programs are designed to ensure a successful and comfortable transition into university life amongst all first-year, readmitted and transfer students at Longwood.  Our programs are built around providing each individual student with the tools, knowledge and support they need to have a triumphant first year.  We are dedicated to not only a successful transition for new students but a holistic experience as well.


Our programs and events enable students to connect with the campus, share their experiences and achievements, and gain a sense of self-awareness and community with others.  We want students at Longwood to be successful in and out of the classroom.  Without many of the First Year Experience Programs, new students would not be able to maximize the available resources provided through the institution, nor use them to impact their peers. It is our goal to expose students to Longwood services, encourage them to become citizen leaders, and promote student success in every possible opportunity.