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Congratulations to the First Graduates!

Teri Duke Kidd and Maya Miller Neely with Teri's daughter and husband, Teri Duke Kidd and Maya Miller Neely with Teri's daughter and husband, celebrating after the graduation ceremony

The Longwood graduate program in music is organized as a cohort in which all students start at the same time, take all the music courses together, and finish at approximately the same time. The interaction among the students creates a productive atmosphere for the program and inspires valuable lifetime professional and personal friendships for the participants.

All the music courses are offered during the first two summers, and students may choose to spend one or two years on the research project. Students are also free to take the education courses at their convenience. So, while students do take all the music courses together, they will not all graduate at the same time. Four members of the First Cohort completed all the requirements and graduated in May 2008. Congratulations! to Cynthia Breckenridge, Teri Duke Kidd, Kevin Lewis and Maya Miller Neely!

We are now accepting applications from prospective graduate students who would like to become part of the Second Cohort.  If you or anyone you know might be interested in applying to the program, please visit our web site at www.longwood.edu/music.  Click on "For Graduate Students," and you should find all the information that you need.  We were fortunate to include five of "our own" in the First Cohort (Cynthia Breckenridge, Daphne Tipton Guill, Maya Miller Neely, Sarah Dufour and Gary Jack), and we will welcome more of "our own" in the Second Cohort.  We plan to launch the Second Cohort in May 2009.