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Concerts and Recitals

Music at Longwood

Cultivating Musical Leaders
Concerts and Events

February, 2009    
John Hogge Sr. Precussion Recital February 1, 2:00pm Molnar Recital Hall
Dr. Christopher Swanson:
Faculty & Guest Lecture/Voice Recital 
February 13, 7:30pm Molnar Recital Hall
Jazz Pianist David Esleck and Trio Concert February 22, 6:00pm Molnar Recital Hall
Chamber Music Series Concert:
O'Brien/Andrijeski Violin/Harpsichord 
February 26, 7:30pm Molnar Recital Hall
March, 2009    
Wind Symphony Concert March 3, 7:30pm Jarman Auditorium
Jazz Ensemble Concert March 21, 7:30pm Jarman Auditorium
Faculty Flute Duo Recital March 25, 7:30pm Molnar Recital Hall
Graduate Symposium March 28, 10:00am Molnar Recital Hall
Cynthia Moore/Nick Bailey Jr.
Clarinet/Saxophone Recital 
March 28, 7:30pm Molnar Recital Hall
Samantha Williams Sr. Voice Recital March 29, 4:00pm Molnar Recital Hall
Michael Gray Jr. Voice Recital March 31, 7:30pm Molnar Recital Hall
April, 2009    
Katherine Lusk/Hailey Peters 
Sr. Flute/Piano Recital 
April 4, 7:30pm Molnar Recital Hall
Natalia Halsey Sr. Percussion Recital April 5, 7:30pm Molnar Recital Hall
Chamber Music Series:
Virginia Opera Young Artists 
April 6, 7:30pm Molnar Recital Hall
Percussion Ensemble Concert April 14, 8:00pm Molnar Recital Hall
Miriam Hyslop/Chris Mitchell
Sr. Piano Recital 
April 17, 7:30pm Molnar Recital Hall
Joseph Mann
Sr. Piano/Harpsichord Recital 
April 18, 7:30pm Molnar Recital
Choral Concert with Orchestra April 19, 7:30pm Farmvile United
Methodist Church 
Wind Symphony/Jazz Ensembles Concert April 21, 7:30pm Jarman Auditorium
Opera Workshop Concert April 24, 7:30pm Molnar Recital Hall