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2016 Music Practicum Schedule

         Practicum                                Actual Dates in the Field       Application Deadline

         January (pre 2nd sem)                January 4-8, 2016                       October 1, 2015  
             Sophomores and Juniors only

         March (spring break)                   March 7-11, 2016                         October 1, 2015
             Sophomores and Juniors only

         May (week after Grad)                 May 16-20, 2016                        October 1, 2015
             Freshmen and Sophomores

Hybrid online class. These classes are offered as hybrid online classes and require significant preparation prior to the dates in the field listed above.  After your application is complete you will receive information from your instructor to guide you through the preparatory process.

Application. Please notice that the application for practicum placement requires several addenda to the application form.  Be sure to attend to these details as you prepare your application.  Please note that OPS will not be able to make your placement, if they don't have all the appropriate information.  In addition to the appropriate application form you will need to submit a background check, auto insurance verification and TB test information.  

Placements. Practicum placements are made in a limited number of counties.  Be sure to check the list of availabilities before you start making your plans for housing during your practicum.

OPS Orientation. Do attend one of the OPS sessions called "Prelude to the Profession" and remain for the first of two Practicum orientations that follow.  Be aware that, during the Practicum Orientation portion, you will need to pay very close attention to the information that is specific for music.  There are a variety of practica, according to major, and you will want the information that applies to your practicum, not someone else’s.   The "Prelude to the Profession" and Practicum Orientation dates appear on page 14 of this document and at this Webpage: OPS Important dates.

Music Orientation. Your individual music class meeting will occur about a week before you begin the placement.  After you have applied for placement, your instructor will be notified and she will provide you with the necessary information.

Note: Please do not wait until the very last minute to apply for your practicum placement.  If you plan ahead, you will be able to avoid all those last-minute crises.   Yeah!

And, Enjoy the experience.  Most students really enjoy the music practica.  We trust you will, too.