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Policy & Procedures

What You Should Know Before Using Your Card

  • Your first priority when making a purchase, is to check if the goods or services you need are available from a mandatory contract/source or is on a state or Longwood contract.  If it is, but you want to purchase it from another vendor, then you must first obtain a release from the mandatory contract by contacting the Materiel Management Office.  If granted, you must keep a copy of this release on file with your monthly VISA log for auditing purposes.
  • If there is not a mandatory source or contract available, then you must search for a DMBE-certified small business by going to the Department of Minority Business Enterprise's (DMBE) website.  Searches may be done by using the NIGP code or description.
  • If your search comes back as 'no records found' then you must print this screen to use as your justification for not soliciting a SWaM vendor.
  • You must then go to the eVA website, to check if the vendor is eVA registered.  If the vendor is not a member of eVA, you will have to ad-hoc the vendor in your eVA requisition (this does not apply to over the counter purchases.) The Agency and or your budget will be charged the 2% transaction fee.
  • If the vendor is contracted to perform services on state property, then you must verify that they have liability insurance before the work begins.
  • If your selected vendor accepts credit cards, you must use your VISA card to pay for your purchase (up to $5,000).  If the vendor does not accept credit cards, they will bill you according to the University's net 30 payment terms.
  • Make sure the vendor does not charge you sales tax.  All purchases are tax-exempt except purchases for prepared foods (meals, catering), and lodging.
  • Retain all documents (sales receipts, packing slips, etc) relevant to your purchase.  Keep copies of these documents in your file.  The signature on the sales receipt or packing slip serves as your receiving documentation.
  • Your VISA packet, with all original documentation, must be received by Accounts Payable no later than the 7th of each month following the statement date.  Keep copies of everything you send so you have back-up documentation on file for auditing purposes.

Purchasing Log

Each transaction, as it occurs, must be recorded on the VISA Card Purchasing Log.  VISA Card Purchasing Log (Excel) is an example of the log that must be used.  Read the instructions on completing the purchasing log.


The VISA card statements are audited by Materiel Management each month. Cardholders will be sent a written (email) notification of any infractions found in the monthly statements. The second offense of any of the following: not using mandatory contract, not obtaining a release from the mandatory contract, not soliciting a SWaM vendor, and split ordering will result in a thirty day card suspension. The cardholder and supervisor will be required to take mandatory training before being reissued their card. Any additional offense within a six month period will result in the card being suspended for sixty days. The cardholder and supervisor will be required to retake the mandatory training before being reissued their card. Any additional offenses will result in permanent revocation of card privileges for the individual who is in violation.

A cardholder's supervisor may request a deactivation of the card for internal departmental reasons they are having with a cardholder. This may be done by the department seizing the card, the department head sending the Program Administrator an email with the cardholder's name and time period the card will be deactivated. Materiel Management will then deactivate the card for that time period.


SPCC (VISA) Card Instructions

  • To apply for a small purchase credit card, individuals may complete the request application form which may be accessed under Forms / Resources.
  • Once the application is completed, the form is sent to Erin Evans in the Materiel Management Office. More card information can be found on the VDOA website.
  • Bank of America (BOA) is instructed to mail all cards to the Card Administrator, (Erin Evans).
  • Training is mandatory before cards can be issued.
  • Cards are distributed ONLY to the individual cardholders.  An Employee Agreement Form must be signed by the cardholder and the cardholder's supervisor.
  • Cardholders use the BOA Works system to access account information.  The cardholder can view and print purchase/account information.
  • Once BOA processes an application for a new card, an email is generated (by BOA) with the user ID and password.  Once the cardholder receives this information, accounts can be accessed online.
  • Spending limits for usage are $5,000 per transaction and $10,000 per month.
  • Exceptions may be made to increase the monthly spending limit if requested by the cardholder's supervisor.  The supervisor will need to complete the Request for Change in Spending Limits form found on the Materiel Management website.
  • Cards are restricted for accommodations, restaurant, car rental, and gas/oil.  Written request from the cardholder's supervisor sent via email will be considered to remove any of these restrictions on a case by case basis.
  • Accommodations may only be removed for candidates, speakers, etc. coming into the town of Farmville.
  • Cards are good for two years and are automatically renewed.