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Liberal Studies

HSF Catching SOLstice students and faculty investigating the living shoreline at Hull Springs Farm


Liberal Studies is a cross-disciplinary major for the generalist. Most students who choose Liberal Studies are preparing to be elementary or middle school teachers, and the various tracks of this major prepare students for teaching licensure at one or both of those levels. The Liberal Studies major is also the foundation for the 5-year program in Special Education.

A major in Liberal Studies cultivates a well-rounded, well-educated student who can face the world on a broad, solid footing. Students gain an understanding of and appreciation for continued, life-long learning - an essential component of being a successful teacher and leader.

Longwood Liberal Studies graduates are highly sought after by Virginia public schools for teaching positions. The foundation provided by the Liberal Studies major and the excellent opportunities provided in the field experiences through the Department of Education and Special Education prepare students well for the professional challenges awaiting them as teachers.

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  • Final Presentations of Interdisciplinary Projects/Research

    26 of your peers in Liberal Studies will be presenting the findings of their research projects on Saturday April 25.  Please mark your calendar and plan to join us for all or part of the day.  Click here to see the schedule.  Watch for it and plan to come to support your friends and to listen to the results of their curiosity and hard work.

  • Good Luck on Your Final Exams

    And, have a wonderful summer break!

  • Summer Courses

    If you plan to take a course or courses at another institution this summer, please remember to get the signature of your dean begore you leave campus for the summer.




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Teacher-Licensure Programs



As a Liberal Studies student you are responsible for meeting the posted deadlines for field experience placements as provided by the Office of Professional Services (OPS). Please take a look at the list of deadlines and mark them on your personal calendar.  When you receive a message from OPS, please read it and respond appropriately.  Your advisor will help you with your questions, but it is your responsibility to meet these deadlines.