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Interdisciplinary Thinking Conference

Creating Connections

Amanda Linn What do you bring to this conversation?

What is interdisciplinary thinking
and why does it matter?

Goals of the Conference:

  • Making connections among the various disciplines and ways of thinking  -  Few real-world problems are solved by one discipline alone.
  • Taking a larger, 21st Century global view of thinking and learning  - Looking beyond the familiar arena.
  • Valuing teachers' knowledge and professionalism   -  Refueling teachers' own intellectual wealth (no lesson planning today)

Public school teachers attending this conference will receive a certificate from Longwood's Graduate and Professional Studies confirming 5 hours of advanced professional study.  Please check with your school system to verify acceptability.


2014 Conference Highlights

Longwood Liberal Studies Majors present

2014 Interdisciplinary Thinking Conference:
Creating Connections

Molnar Recital Hall, Wygal Building, Longwood University
October 25, 2014 - 9:00 am-3:00 pm


2014 Conference schedule

Registration form

2013 conference review


Canoes at Hull Springs Farm Observing from different perspectives