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Personnel and Sponsorship

HSF hill side Participants at Hull Springs Farm preparing for an inquiry-based exploration of the inhabitants of Aimes Creek


Science and Civic Issues

Longwood Faculty
Mark Fink, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology
Pattu Horne, PhD, Assist. Prof. of Education
Melissa Rhoten, PhD, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Leah Shilling-Traina, EdD, Assist. Prof. of Math Education
Kathleen Register, Executive Director, Clean VA Waterways
Patricia Lust, DM, Dir. of Liberal Studies and Prof. of Music 

Invited guests
Chris Moore from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Angela Neilan from the Department of Environmental Quality 
Jane Crowther from the Omega Protein Health & Science Center

Longwood Liberal Studies Students and Science Majors who are planning to teach middle school science
Practicing middle school science and elementary classroom teachers from various counties in Virginia





SOLstice 2011 Video



Longwood Faculty    
Jeff Everhart, MS, Instructional Technology Trainer
      and Adjunct Professor of English
Gena Southall, EdD, Assistant Professor of English
Patricia Lust, DM, Dir. of Liberal Studies and Prof. of Music

Longwood Liberal studies Students
Practicing English teachers. 



Longwood University’s Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences:
  Liberal Studies
  Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
  Department of Chemistry and Physics,
  Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  Office of the Dean
Longwood Instructional Technology
Hull Springs Farm of Longwood University
Clean Virginia Waterways


HSF lab SOLstice students investigating the quality and properties of water that flows into the Chesapeake Bay