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Prospective Students

Brock Commons

Liberal Studies at Longwood

Every academic major at Longwood is built on our strong, goal-oriented, General Education program.  Upon that, the Liberal Studies major expands to include a broad base of intellectual inquiry, primarily through four disciplines in the arts and sciences:


English and Language
Social Science
Some tracks also include Fine Arts and Kinesiology. 

In addition to the core courses of the Liberal Studies major, you will choose one of the following professional tracks:

Elementary School Teaching
Middle School Teaching
Elementary and Middle School Teaching
Special Education
Minor in an Arts & Sciences Discipline

In addition to the program being offered on the Farmville campus, the LS major is offered at the NCI in Martinsville and at VCCS in Emporia.  Students taking classes at those sites may select only the elementary school teaching track


In the Real World

As a Liberal Studies major at Longwood you may choose one of the teacher-licensure tracks.  Each track includes a rich array of field experiences: the practicum (two opportunities); the partnership semester; and the student teaching semester.  With each of these experiences, you will spend most of your time participating as pre-service teachers in the real classrooms, working with practicing teachers and getting to know real students and their learning habits and challenges.  By the time you begin your first teaching position, you will know the real world of teaching very well, and you will be ready to hit the ground running.

If you choose not to pursue teaching, you will find that your Liberal Studies major plus your arts and sciences minor and two interdisciplinary capstone courses will provide a solid foundation and valuable skills for a wide variety of professions.  The MBAdvantage masters program is an attractive option for students on this track.


Career Outlook

The career outlook for Longwood-prepared teachers is outstanding?  School administrators have said that when they are looking for a new teacher, they look through the stack of applications for Longwood graduates first.  Longwood enjoys a long-standing reputation for excellence in teacher preparation, and, as a Longwood graduate, you will benefit from that reputation

If you choose the liberal arts only track, you will enjoy the benefits of a broad interdisciplinary education - a most desirable asset in the eyes of businesses who are looking for creative, capable professionals. 



Great teaching is a priority at Longwood and as a Liberal Studies major you will have the opportunity to work with the very best faculty.  Many Longwood faculty members are conducting important research and have established significant recognition.  These experiences professors - not graduate assistants - will be your teachers, and you will find that they care deeply about their students and will help you maximize your potential.

You will meet your faculty advisor during your first semester as part of the Longwood Seminar.  Then, he or she will be there to answer your academic questions throughout your university career.



Liberal Studies students are among the most interesting, achievement-oriented, disciplined and respected students on campus.  Faculty love having you in our classes and many of you find your names on the Dean's List each semester.  Come to Longwood University prepared to be a standard setter on campus and a model citizen leader for the future - yours and others'.


Highlights of Liberal Studies at Longwood

While Liberal Studies is the largest major at Longwood, you will have many opportunities to get to know other Liberal Studies majors, first through the freshman seminar and then through the activity-oriented courses that are part of the curriculum.  Many courses require significant collaboration on assignments, and by the time you are a senior, you will have developed many valuable life-long professional friendships.

As a Liberal Studies major you may select from a variety of exciting experiences that will take you beyond the traditional classroom.  There are many opportunities for international study, including a Practicum that is required on the teacher preparation tracks.

"I recently did a Practicum in Volos, Greece where I had the opportunity to teach lessons in several Greek elementary schools.  I am so grateful to be able to see the way a different culture's educational system works.  I will be able to bring some their approaches to my own teaching career, which will enrich the education that I provide for my own students once I graduate."  - Tess Peterson, Liberal Studies Major, Elementary Education Track

Another outstanding opportunity is the new program SOLstice: Summer of Learning - Science Teachers Investigating the Chesapeake Environment.  This program is offered during a summer session, and, as part of the program, you will spend one week at Hull Springs on the Chesapeake Bay doing field research.  in 2012, a writing class was added to this program.

All Longwood student take advanced writing course during their junior or senior year.  One of the options for that course includes a two-week residency in Yellowstone Park in May.