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Guide to Reporting Hours

After much consideration, Citizen Leadership & Service Learning has compiled a list of what will and will not count as community service hours.

This list is based on past submissions of hours from individuals and members of clubs and organizations and is subject to change. The list is not meant to limit or discourage students from participating in university or community activities, but has been devised to help Longwood students continue to provide quality volunteer & community service to our campus and community.

Please see the instructions here (pdf) to report service hours using Collegiate Link. 


Activities that have a Limit to the Number of Hours You Can Report

The following is a list of activities that have a limit to the number of hours you can report:

  • Faculty Babysitting - maximum of 2 hours per person
  • Organizing service events or fundraising events like Relay for Life, Miles 4 Smiles etc. (Does not include Restaurant Fundraisers) - max 4 hours
  • Conference Volunteering - a maximum of 4 hours per person, per semester
  • Adopt a Highway cleanup - maximum of 4 hours per person, per semester
  • Camp volunteer/ASB - maximum of 8 hours per day spent working/doing service
  • Blood Drive - giving blood - maximum of 1 hour per person, per semester
  • Blood Drive - working event - maximum of 4 hours per person, per semester
  • Note taking through Disability Resources- maximum of 15 hours per class, maximum of 1 class per semester

Making your hours count!

We encourage individual volunteers as well as clubs and organizations to really consider what purpose they want to serve when designing a service project. Who is your project serving? What cause are you aiming to assist? How can you best meet your needs or the needs of the members of your organization while also providing valuable service to the surrounding community?

If you need help designing a service project for yourself or for your club or organization, please feel free to contact Jordan Bynum at bynumja@longwood.edu in Citizen Leadership & Service Learning.


Activities that are NOT Counted as Reportable Community Service Hours

The following is a list of activities that are NOT counted as reportable community service hours for the Office of Leadership & Service Learning:

  • Fundraising - See the section on 'philanthropy' for more information
  • Attending/Coordinating a Fundraiser at a Restaurant
  • Dining-Hall Tabling
  • Judicial Board
  • Court Appointed Hours
  • Open Houses
  • Cleaning a Chapter Room
  • Involvement Fair Table/Recruitment Table
  • Oktoberfest/Spring Weekend Booth
  • Office Hours for SGA, or any other Organization that requires Office Hours
  • Working an event sponsored by your organization (for example, NSLP if you are a member of SEAL or LP Events if you are a member of LP)
  • Attending an event that is required by your Organization
  • Making packets/bags/handouts for Recruitment
  • Being a Designated Driver
  • Collecting signatures for petitions
  • Collecting things like food, clothing, pop tabs