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Resident Meal Memberships

Meal Plan Options for 2016/2017

A meal plan is mandatory for all students living on the main campus and in Longwood-managed apartments. Commuter students have the option to purchase a meal plan.

Plans to choose from (Fall 2016/Spring 2017):

Dining Plan Meal/Period Cost Semster Cost Year
*19 Meal Plan Plan ($175 BD) 19/week



*14 Meal Plan ($275 BD) 14/week $1,646.96 $3,293.92
*10 Meal Plan ($375 BD) 10/week $1,658.44 $3,316.88
*Block 160 ($325 BD) 160/semester $1,602.44 $3,204.88
 Block 80 ($325 BD) 80/semester $989.52 $1,979.04
  • BD = Bonus Dollars
  • Resident students are required to be on a meal plan.  Meal plan requirements are based on your housing assignment.
  • Main Campus residents must choose one of the "*" board plans from those listed above (top four listed).  If no plan is chosen, the 14 Meal Plan + $275 Bonus Dollars is the default plan.
  • Longwood-managed apartment residents, since they are provided with kitchen facilities, can choose from any of the plans listed above.  If no plan is chosen, the Block 80 + $325 Bonus Dollars is the default plan.
  • All plans also come with 7 guest meals per semester. 
  • Meals are per semester and do not carry-over to the next semester.  Bonus Dollars will carry-over from Fall to Spring semester if a plan is purchased both semesters.  This is true for resident and commuter students.
  • All Meal plans are non-transferrable and are meant for individual use only.   Meaning that only the meal plan holder for each individual plan can use the meals assigned to that plan.  To treat a friend or family to a meal, Guest meals or Bonus Dollars can be used as available.

Please note:  These fees are subject to change by the Longwood Board of Visitors.


Want to change your meal plan?

Residential Students wishing to downgrade his/her meal plan for the 2016-2017 academic year may do so prior to 5pm on Monday, August 29, 2016 (Fall) or Wednesday, January 25, 2017 (Spring). This can be done through the Student Housing Gateway.

Change Resident Meal Plan