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International Students and Scholars

Do you want to learn more about applying to Longwood?

Download the presentation here.

June 9 Info Session

Welcome International Students and Scholars!

Whether you are a full-time F-1 visa student, an J-1 visa exchange student, or an international scholar, we are here to offer you the support you need to make your time at Longwood University enjoyable and productive.  I invite you to explore the wealth of information on our website, and to visit our office at any time.  Let me know how I can help you find the information, visa advising, social opportunities, and academic services that will make your tenure as successful as possible.  Longwood University has a lot to offer you!

For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me visscherpm@longwood.edu or the Office of International Affairs, Steven Hall 111, 434-395-2172.


Petra Visscher

Executive Director, Office of International Affairs