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Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting, invigorating, and challenging things you can do while in college. It’s one thing to get to visit a location new to you; it’s quite another to explore your academic field in a different nation and to learn firsthand about different cultures. Studying abroad opens you up to new ways of thinking, teaches you about the world beyond your own, and enables an examination of your place in the world and your responsibilities as a citizen of your community, country, and the globe.

You can fuel your academic pursuits tremendously by studying abroad. You can have the chance to learn in a different kind of educational system, from new and diverse voices, and alongside students from all over the world. You can see historical sites up close and personal, do field studies in environments much different than your own, and understand more concretely the effects culture has on various fields of study.

Studying abroad can help you set yourself apart as a student, job candidate, and graduate school applicant, too. While it’s an extraordinary experience to have in your present, it’s also a good investment in your future. You can expand and refine skills specific to your academic discipline, strengthen your foreign language skills, and see how other cultures and countries approach problems and create solutions. Studying abroad provides you numerous opportunities to enhance soft skills such as critical thinking, time management, problem solving, and, of course, communication.