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Instructions for Non-Credit Programs


Student Organization and Non-university Sponsored International Travel

The purpose of this document is to a) specify what does and does not constitute Longwood University sponsored international travel and b) specify what actions must take place to meet the registration requirements of the Office of International Affairs.

I.        What constitutes a Longwood University sponsored program?

Programs that are university sponsored include those that meet one of more of the following criteria:

  • a) Offered for Longwood University credit (for example, short term faculty led programs or education practicum placements).
  • b) Offered in conjunction with one of the institution's exchange partners abroad.
  • c) Officially sponsored by a department or office at the university (for example, alternative spring break programs that are not for credit).
  • d) Officially sponsored by a registered student organization where the program is being marketed through/by the student group (where university funds used, money collected in university accounts, etc.)

Please note that a procedure/policy is already in place for programs that are for university credit ("a" in the list above) and exchange programs ("b" in the list above). (See www.longwood.edu/studyabroad for details.)The policy detailed in this document addresses international travel programs sponsored by Longwood departments or offices (c) and travel by student organizations (d) and involves an application process as detailed below. Domestic travel programs are not addressed in this document. For those programs, see Kat Raborn in the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement.

II.      Marketing Travel Programs on Campus

In order to publicize using Longwood's campus technology (Study Abroad web pages, "What's Happening" weekly emails, etc.), a program must qualify as "university sponsored" as defined above. Other programs may submit posters/fliers to be approved for distribution. However, all marketing materials must clearly include the following disclaimer:


III.    Application and Review Process

All international travel programs that are officially sponsored by Longwood University must go through a review process that will be conducted by Longwood University Office of International Affairs (direct contact is Dr. Melanie Marks). Programs for academic credit are subject to a different policy than what is detailed here. (For more information on applying to lead credit-bearing programs see http://www.longwood.edu/internationalaffairs/26269.htm.) The policy detailed here applies to non-credit bearing programs offered by university offices, departments, or registered student organizations (for example, Alternative Spring Break heading to Mexico).

The department, office, or student organization must first submit:

  • An application for permission to travel internationally, to be approved by the Coordinator of Study Abroad and the Director of International Affairs.
  • A Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) and an Out of Country Travel Authorization. These must be signed by several administrators.

Prior to departure, the following things must be submitted to the International Affairs Office:

  • Copies of the RTA and Out of Country Form
  • A detailed program itinerary
  • An emergency plan that you will distribute to all participants
  • List of emergency contacts for all students, staff, and faculty (there is a Google Doc we will use to collect this)
  • Copy of passport for each participant
  • Participation in a risk session and signed acknowledgement from each student

Longwood University has the right and obligation to cancel a program in the event that the Department of State posts a travel warning that applies to an international travel destination.

Questions should be directed to the Coordinator of Study Abroad, Dr. Melanie Marks, at marksmb@longwood.edu.



Application for Non-Credit International Programs (interactive .docx - If you try to open this form from the website, you may receive an error message. To avoid this, right click the link, click "Save Link As" and save the file as a .docx document on your computer before opening.)