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Conversation Partner Program

ESLP Student Conversation Partner Program

Who is a Conversation Partner?

YOU! Any Longwood University and Farmville community member can apply!

Where are the ESLP students at Longwood from?

Most ESL students that participate in the Conversation Partner Program are from China and Saudi Arabia.  They will study at Longwood for one semester or up to four+ years.

What does a Conversation Partner do?

A Conversation Partner will meet with their ESL student once a week for an hour anywhere on campus to practice conversational English.   A list of interesting topics will be provided by the English as a Second Language Program to help you get your conversations going.

What is my reward?

Being a Conversation Partner is simple and fun!  You have the chance to learn about a new culture, gain a global perspective, gain cross-cultural communication skills, and create the foundation for a lasting friendship.

How can I apply?

Click on the application link located on the right, under "Apply Now!"

What do I do after I fill out the application?

Once your application is ready, just bring it over to the ESLP office in Stevens 116 and turn in the application to Beth Sorenson or Eileen Beach.  You will be contacted by either phone or e-mail with further information.


Please note:  Currently, the application provided is only for Longwood students.  Longwood faculty/staff and Farmville community members may drop by the ESLP office (Stevens 116), e-mail (eslp@longwood.edu), or call and speak with Beth Sorenson (434-395-4905) or Eileen Beach (434-395-2887) or  to apply.

Thank you for your interest!


Apply Now!

Want to apply to be a Student Conversation Partner Program?

  • Click HERE to apply!

It's a short and simple application to show some Lancer/Farmville pride and hospitality to ESLP students.