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Description of ESLP

Longwood University’s English as a Second Language Program (ESLP) is an intensive program of study designed for students who need English for admission into American universities of for personal/professional reasons.

The ESLP curriculum is a blended, multi-level approach to teaching English as a Second Language designed for students who need English to study at US universities or for career advancement.

The curriculum includes classes focused on language skills instruction (Listening, Reading, Writing Modules) and facilitative learning techniques.  The Academic Prep Module is focused on study skills, note-taking, critical reading and writing, research and analysis and active learning technology that students will need in the academic classroom. 

Listening Module

  • Listening is a fundamental skill needed in language learning in order to build on other skills.
  • As students watch movies with direction and explanations from the instructor, and listen to music, they practice listening to authentic language at the appropriate level.

Reading Module

  • Part 1 – Instructor and students read and discuss articles from authentic sources (i.e. USA Today) as the students learn to develop reading comprehension and critical thinking.
  • Part 2 – Each student chooses books to read, which allows him or her to build vocabulary and observe good writing formats.

Writing Module

  • With one-on-one guidance from the instructor, students explore topics of interest to them and develop their writing skills, including paragraph construction and grammar.

Academic Prep

  • Students learn how to apply their listening, reading, and writing skills as they prepare for an academic setting. 
  • The focus of academic prep is on note-taking, essay and research paper writing, developing study skills and giving presentations.

Examples of Electives offered

  • Grammar Workshop
  • Pronunciation
  • Creative Writing
  • American Culture
  • Keyboard
  • Advanced Listening Skills

Course Fees

To view the Course Fees, please click HERE for the PDF file.


Course Calendar

To view the 2015 Course Calendar, please click HERE.




  • In the News
  • Building Fluency Through Idioms
  • Academic Vocabulary  
  • Academic Listening Strategies
  • Typing/Keyboarding  
  • Pronunciation   
  • Grammar  
  • TOEFL Prep
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Critical Reading for Academic Purposes
  • Intro to Academic Research
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