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Health Insurance and Immunizations

Why Do I Need to Purchase Health Insurance?

All F1 and J1 visas holders are required to have a valid health insurance policy while enrolled at Longwood University. Health care is expensive in the United States, and insurance will help to cover medical expenses in case you become sick or are injured.  You must have valid health insurance policy at all times while attending Longwood University. If you willfully refuse to purchase a health insurance policy, your visa may be terminated.


Where Can I Purchase a Health Insurance Policy?

We require that you purchase the "Budget" or "Select" insurance plan through International Student Insurance.  These plans are highly recommended and affordable. Once you purchase your insurance policy, you must present the proof of coverage receipt to the Office of International Affairs. However, if you are already covered by an international insurance policy, please contact the Office of International Affairs to determine if you need to purchase any additional insurance. 


Where Can I Learn More About What is Covered by the International Student Insurance Plans?

You can learn more about coverage, benefits and exclusions on this website.


Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions?

Contact Patti Trent (trentpf@longwood.edu), Director of International Student Services, if you have any questions about insurance plans.


Certificate of Immunization

All international students must complete a certificate of immunization record.  This form must be submitted to the Office of International Affairs either before you arrive, or during the International Student Orientation.


Chinese students with American buddies Fall 2008