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Academic Support

Academic Support Services

We want you to be successful academically while you are at Longwood University.  In addition to your academic advisor and deans, there are other resources that can help you do well in your studies.


The Learning Center

The Learning Center is a place where students can learn collaboratively. Tutoring services, guided study groups, language practice sessions, writing consultation, and problem solving groups are all available services.  If you are facing some academic difficulties due to adjusting to the English language, the Learning Center is an especially good resource.

University Career Center

You can find assistance with developing educational and career goals and help with understanding your interests, skills, values and limitations.  The University Career Center also provides many other services that are listed on their website


Greenwood Library

The Greenwood Library is where Longwood students spend much of their time studying (private and group study rooms are available), performing research, and even borrowing recent DVD releases. Many of the services offered by the library, including finding journal articles and books, are available online on the Greenwood Library website.  The staff at the library is very knowledgeable and can help you if you are new to writing research essays. 

Office of Student-Athlete Academic Services

For International Student-Athletes, the Office of Student-Athlete Academic Services (OSAAS) is a great resource.  The OSAAS supports student-athletes in their academic, athletic, career and personal pursuits.