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The year before you plan to study abroad:

  • Drop in or make an appointment with the Office of International Affairs to research and discuss study abroad options.  Do research on the web and with the guide(s) that the office provides.
  • Determine the program in which you wish to participate, and obtain the program's information about admissions policies, prices, courses, accommodations, etc.  You must choose a program sponsored by a U.S. university or organization.
  • Fill out and print from the Student Forms and Applications page:
    • Longwood University Study Abroad Application form
    • Conditions of Participation signed by student AND parents
    • Faculty Recommendation Form
    • Health Report and Release
    • Scholarship Application form
    • Transfer Credit Authorization form (must be picked up in the Office of International Affairs)
    • Longwood University Course Registration Form
  • Meet with your academic advisor to determine which courses you should take while abroad.  Select at least two alternative courses.  List the courses on all of the applications as well as the "Request for Transfer Credit Authorization" form.  Ask your advisor to sign the form.
  • Complete the information on the "Longwood University Registration Form;" do not list the courses you plan to take while abroad.  The office will register you for "AWAY 311" or "FREN/GERM/SPAN 311" as appropriate. 
  • Complete a Longwood University Study Abroad Application as well as the application from the program you wish to attend.  Type or use neat, clear handwriting in black ink.  Obtain parents' signatures on the "Conditions of Participation" in the application.  Keep in mind the deadline for your selected program; if it is earlier than the Longwood deadline, it supersedes our deadline.
  • Complete the "Health Report and Release" form; sign it.  The information will be kept confidential, but it is necessary to be able to provide you with all of the information and services you may need.
  • Take the completed "Request for Transfer Credit Authorization" to the Assistant Dean of your College (Arts and Sciences, Business or Education) to obtain the Assistant Dean's signature (next to your advisor's signature).  The courses will be treated as transfer credits, unless you are a language major.  Keep a copy of the signed form to turn in to International Affairs.
  • Complete the "Study Abroad Scholarship Application".
  • Apply for your passport if you do not have one.

By September 15 for Winter Intersession or Spring Semester; By February 15 for Summer Sessions and Fall Semester:

  • Bring all of the following to the Office of International Affairs before the application deadlines:
    • Complete application with "Conditions of Participation" signed by student AND parents
    • Faculty Recommendation Form and Study Abroad Approval Form (can be sent by faculty)
    • Completed "Health Report and Release" with signatures
    • Your signed copy of the "Request for Transfer Credit Authorization" form
  • Apply for your visa if your selected country requires it.

Upon acceptance, and by April 15 for Summer or Fall Semester; Nov. 15 for Spring:

  • Attend all of the required Pre-Departure meetings.
  • Purchase the required insurance or equivalent. Turn in proof of insurance to international affairs.
  • Offices you may need to notify:
    • Financial Aid: provide program costs breakdown if you receive financial aid.
    • Housing: make arrangements for being absent and for returning.
    • Office of Cashiering:  for removal from Monthly Payment Plan if you are a participant

At least one month before departure or as soon as you have it:

  • Turn in the following to the Office of International Affairs:
    • Flight Arrangements (you can fill out the form on our website or just provide a copy of your itinerary)
    • Photocopy of your passport (and visa if applicable) if you have not already provided this
    • Your detailed contact information abroad, including phone and e-mail
    • Confirmation of your registration at the US Department of State Registration website (print before submitting)

While abroad:

  • Notify your advisor by e-mail immediately if you change any of the classes on your Transfer Credit Authorization form.  Send a copy of this correspondence to the Office of International Affairs.
  • Register during the pre-registration period (in March for summer or fall semesters, in November for spring semester), in consultation with your advisor. 
  • Complete the online study abroad program evaluation. This will be sent to your email at or following the end of your study abroad program.