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Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs


Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are usually 2-4 weeks long and are associated with a Longwood University course. That means you do not have to worry about transferring credits when you come back to Longwood. You will be traveling with a group of Longwood students and faculty.

Winter Intersession Programs 2016-17

English 400 or Outdoor Education in South Africa

  • Travel to beautiful South Africa while taking either English 400: Active Citizenship: An Advanced Writing Seminar or Recreation 487: Practicum in Outdoor Education. English 400 students will be writing and learning about social justice and the South African child, while Recreation 487 students will focus on cultural and environmental differences between the US and South Africa, through interviews, observations, and service learning.
  • Contact Dr. Jennifer Miskec at miskecjm@longwood.edu for information on ENGL 400
  • Contact Dr. Rena Kosler at koeslerra@longwood.edu for information on RECR 4

Environmental Sustainability & Economic Development in Costa Rica 

  • Students participating in this program will study economic development, tourism vs ecotourism, and sustainability. In addition they will examine how Costa Rica has transformed itself into a leading destination for ecotourism, the country’s commitment to a sustainable environment, and how Costa Rica has distinguished itself from other Central American nations.
  • This course is open to all majors.
  • Contact Dr. Melanie Marks at marksmb@longwood.edu for information about this course.

Summer Programs 2017

Advanced Archaeology Research in the British Virgin Islands

  • Participate in advanced field research in archaeology on gorgeous Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands. This program is for advanced students who will learn essential elements of managing archaeological field investigations from site identification, to data collection and analysis, to post-excavation publication. The decision-making and data management processes, with a particular emphasis on accurate record keeping, will be stressed.
  • This course is open only to students who have completed ANTH 296 with a grade of B or higher. 
  • Contact Dr. Brian Bates at batesbd@longwood.edu for information about this course.

Children's Literature and Conflict in Croatia 

  • Students in this course will study the unique children’s culture and literature in a beautiful region of the world that has been profoundly influenced by its recent history of conflict. The program includes discussions of both primary and secondary works in the field, with an emphasis on theoretical perspectives. Noteworthy excursions include visits to Jasenovac concentration camp, Diocletian’s Palace, and Plitvice Lakes National Par
  • Contact Dr. Jennifer Miskec at miskecjm@longwood.edu for information about this course.

Conservation and Economics in Ecuador

  • Students in this course will study conservation biology and economic development while focusing on the debate surrounding the decision to drill for oil in the Amazon jungle. The themes of conservation biology and economic development will be integrated while highlighting the trade-offs associated with the decision. Notable activities include visits to indigenous communities, a tour of SELVA Peace Reserve, and a boat tour through the Amazon.   
  • Contact Dr. Sujan Henkanaththegedara at henkanaththegedarasm@longwood.edu or Dr. Melanie Marks at marksmb@longwood.edu for information about this course.

Introduction to Southeast Asia in Thailand

  • Study the trade, geography, politics, history, and culture of Southeast Asia while in Thailand. Students will be provided with an overview of the region while also focusing on specific destinations, such as floating markets, a Burmese elephant camp, the famous river Kwai, and much more! Experience the warm hospitality of the people in one of the most stunning countries on Earth. This class has no prerequisite and is open to all majors.  
  • Contact Dr. Melanie Marks at marksmb@longwood.edu for information about this course.

Mathematics History in London and Paris

  • This course studies the mathematics of British and French culture, their historical relevance and impact on later cultures. Students will learn how mathematics was used in astronomy at Stonehenge, the importance of cryptography and Turing machines in World War II, and more.
  • MATH261 is a prerequisite for this program.
  • Contact Dr. Sharon Emerson-Stonnell at emersonstonnellss@longwood.edu for information about this course.

Multimedia Storytelling in Cuba

  • Cuba is rich with stories of struggle and survival. Visit Cuba and you will encounter a country at the edge of transition. The relationship between Cuba and the United States has recently taken a historic turn. This course bridges the past with the present by visiting museums and hearing speakers on Cuba as well as partnering American students with Cuba students on the creation of a multimedia story. This course will appeal to majors in Communication Studies, Psychology, Sociology, History, English, and/or Art. 
  • Contact Dr. Ryan Stouffer at stoufferrr@longwood.edu for information about this course.

**Additional information about these programs will be coming soon! **