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Internships Abroad

It is possible for students to complete their internship requirement overseas. However, the student must work with his or her academic advisor to determine if a particular internship experience is suitable. As students plan for an overseas internship, they should note the following:

  • International internships are treated as study abroad programs and therefore students must complete the same paperwork they would complete if participating in exchange/affiliated/approved non-affiliated programs and submit it to the Study Abroad office (Stevens 111). (This policy is not intended to apply to international students who are completing an internship in their home country.)
  • Students may register for Longwood internship credit or, in some cases, they may transfer credits back to Longwood assuming that they are preapproved by the Registrar's Office (the Study Abroad office will assist with this paperwork) and by the academic advisor. It is important to work with academic departments to determine the best arrangement.
  • There are many independent/third party companies that offer internship opportunities abroad. The companies listed here might be a good place to start a search: Affiliated Providers
  • Generally international internships arranged through private companies are not paid, but they can still be an incredible experience. In many cases, there are specific internship relationships already established so students will know exactly what they are applying for. Nevertheless, students should investigate the following aspects of any internship arranged through a third party:
    • How long will it take to learn the exact placement (or is this known from the start of the application process)?
    • What is the housing arrangement? (Is it a host family placement, a dormitory, an apartment?)
    • If there is a host family placement, what meals are included?
    • What is the distance between the housing and the internship location?
    • What is the expense associated with transportation to the internship location?
    • If this is of interest...Are there opportunities to take a class (if located near a university) or do additional service learning projects?

On-Campus Resources


Office of International Affairs, Stevens Hall 111, http://www.longwood.edu/internationalaffairs/index.html


University Career Center, Lancaster G-08, www.longwood.edu/career