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Affiliated Providers

Students attending a study abroad program through the below providers may receive a scholarship award or a discount off of the published program price.  The amount of  the award varies between the affiliate providers. For more information about discounts and scholarship offered by our affiliates, contact the office of International Affairs.

** Please note: If a student chooses a study abroad program not offered by one of our listed affiliated providers, they will not receive credit. We are no longer approving non-affiliated providers!**

For Art majors:

For German majors:

You have the opportunity to study abroad in Munich! For more information, visit this website: http://www.jym.wayne.edu/

OR contact the Director of International Affairs, Petra Visscher (visscherpm@longwood.edu).

For French Majors:

Study abroad through Sweet Briar College's Junior Year in France program! For more information, visit this website: http://www.jyf.sbc.edu/.

For Spanish Majors:

You have the opportunity to study abroad in Valencia, Spain, or in Quito, Ecuador!  For more information, talk to your advisor in Modern Languages and visit these links:

  • Valencia, Spain:


  • Quito, Ecuador:




Why study abroad through an affiliated provider?

  • There are many of countries to study in for a  summer, semester, or even a year! Whatever suits you best!
  • You can earn credit towards your degree while abroad.
  • Many providers have internship opportunities that will fulfill your internship requirement here at LU.
Check out the following list of Longwood's affiliated providers!