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Institutional Advancement

Public Relations Data Owner: Dave Hooper
Data Type Description Classification
Public Internal Restricted
Public Relations Office Data Correspondence with interior constituents, meetings, calendars, etc.   X  
University Publications Magazines, annual reports, newsletters, certificates, resolutions, posters, etc. Includes electronic publications such as the Calendar, Faculty News Notes, etc. X    
News Releases/ Advertisements/ Media Relations Branding and marketing of the university/correspondence with the media X    
Media Archive Archive of photographs, slides, videos, etc. X    
Signage Banners, flags, directories, apparel, etc. X    
Tier 1 Web Information and Applications Primarily marketing-oriented web information and applications X    
Tier 1 Web Content Management and Application Administration Web content administration   X  
Internal Web Information Informational channels in the myLongwood portal   X  
Web Statistics Web site statistic data showing page visits and other visitor statistics   X  
Web Communications Data Web-related files and documents   X  


Alumni Relations and Development Data Owner: Victoria Kindon
Data Type Description Classification
Public Internal Restricted
Alumni Development Publications Invitations, articles, web, Honor Roll X    
Directory Information for Constituents Current name, current address, current phone, current e-mail X    
Alumni Development Event Information Remarks for events X    
Alumni Board Materials Agendas, minutes X    
Biographical Information for Constituents Employment, relationships, board appointments, interests, gender, ethnicity, ID#, marital status, constituency, visits, awards, preferred year   X  
Constituent Financial Information Wealth indicators, real estate, security holding, proposals   X  
Longwood Solicitation/Donation Information All donations to and solicitation for the Longwood University Foundation   X  
Constituent Related Correspondence Memorandums and reports for internal use   X  
Personal Information on Constituents Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, debit card numbers, copies of checks, birth date     X
Planned Giving Documentation Correspondence which includes restricted information, wills, insurance, trusts, privileged attorney client information     X