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England and France

Megan Almond took an Arthurarian Literature class in England and France for 12 days.

"I'm not a fan of heights, but going to the top of the Eiffel Tower and seeing the city from above was just incredible; I'm so glad I went out of my comfort zone and took this trip." - Megan Almond class of 2015


Autumn studied at Audencia Ecole de Management in Nantes, France. While abroad, she took two management classes and one marketing class. It was a six-week long program that spent the last week in Brussels Belgium.  She learned a lot about intercultural management, the history of the European Union, and how to market products and services to Europe. As a program we went on several company visits that gave us an inside look at how business is done within Europe.



Kayla Stover took History 100 and Spanish 302 in a General Education trip to Spain and Greece.  Kayla was in Spain for one month and she stayed in Valencia with a host family where she had the opportunity to practice conversational Spanish.  The class took a weekend excursion to Greece where she visited Delphi to see the Temple of Apollo and stayed in Athens.

"Seeing the history of Spain and Greece really gave me a new perspective on ancient history considering I have only ever seen colonial history of America. It made it easier for me to really visualize how old life on Earth really is and how far civilization has come from thousands of years ago."

"One of my favorite parts of the experience was all the new connections and friends I made, not only with other students who went on the trip, but with Spaniards as well. Our group that went of around 20 students was very inclusive of everyone and got along very well. When we decided to explore, the whole group wanted to go together and it made it such a great experience.- Kayla Stover class of 2015