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Cape Town, South Africa


Sarah Flippen, class of 2014, volunteered at a day care in Cape Town, South Africa for 7.5 weeks.

"I had an amazing experience volunteering abroad in Cape Town, South Africa.  I worked with 5 and 6 year olds for six weeks in an educare center.  I learned a lot about the culture and I met so many truly wonderful people all while getting valuable experience working in a school setting."


Marrakesh, Morocco

Jamie Leeuwrik, '14, and seven other Honors Students had the opportunity to take part in the first Honors study abroad experience.  The team traveled to Morocco for 2.5 weeks to learn about the history and culture of Berber people. 


"Being able to travel somewhere out of the ordinary and to experience the people and the culture first hand was unforgettable.  Going to a place where both the language and the culture are so different than in the US definitely takes you out of your comfot zone, but it also causes you to open your mind and take in everything you can while in the country.  I met some fantastic Moroccans and made life-long friendships on this adventure."


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