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Diet & Nutrition

Beyond the Garden

White House Garden Scheme

Student research is conducted each semester on issues related to the Cormier Honors College Vegetable Garden.

Topics in the current semester include:

  • possible relationships between genetically modified plants and allergies;
  • vegan/vegetarian diets and grocery story inventory. 

Future topics to be studied include:

  • processed food and health issues;
  • the fast food industry and diet;
  • principles of organic gardening; 
  • the politics of agriculture; 
  • elementary education and sustainability;
  • marketing in the electronic age;
  • community relations in college towns; 
  • the psychology of gardening;
  • gardens throughout history; 
  • gardens and art;
  • the economics of home gardens;
  • gardens and exercise. 

Results of student research projects will be included in our online library.