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I Wish I Knew

Suggestions From Longwood Students Who Just Finished Their Freshman Year

Before coming to Longwood my Freshman year, I wish I knew...


...about FACEBOOK


... that checking peoples' profiles and chatting on AIM is a waste of time. Just sign off.

  • Set an allotted amount of time to "IM." Then, stick to it by signing off! 


...that I was going to gain a lot of weight.

...just because you can eat a lot in the dining hall doesn't mean you should.

...more about nutrition and exercise.

  • Schedule an appointment with our Certified Health Education Specialist for a free nutrition consultation! 


...how to prevent the cold from traveling all around.

...to wash your hands a lot to combat germs.


...allergy relief tips.


... that if work is overwhelming you, take a relaxation break! Always make room for relaxation time during the day.


...how to get along with my roommate. ...how to mediate conflict.


...about my advisor and the classes I needed to take.

  • Think of college as your "job." It's your career you're preparing for after all, right? DON'T be afraid to email or call your advisor for an appointment. They're here to help YOU.


... to sleep a lot. Don't be afraid to take a "power nap."

  • Schedule a nap in your day!