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What To Do if Sexually Assaulted

  • Get to a safe place as soon as you can.
  • Contact someone who can help you.  We suggest calling Piedmont Sexual Assault Crisis Center at 888.819.2926.  They are available to help you throughout the entire process.  Additional resources are listed below:
    • Virginia Sexual Assault Hotline: 800.838.8238
    • Southside Community Hospital: 434.392.8811
    • Longwood Department of Campus Safety: 434.395.2091
    • Student Health and Wellness Center (8:15am-5pm): 434.395.2102
    • Counseling And Psychological Services (8:15am-5pm): 434.395.2409
    • Honor/Judicial (8:15am-5pm): 434.395.2490
    • Associate Dean of Students (8:15am-5pm): 434.395.2485
  • Do not bathe, shower, drink, eat, douche, or change your clothes after the assault. These activities destroy important physical evidence that will be necessary in the event that you decide to prosecute the assailant.
  • Get medical attention at a hospital emergency room right away. Sexual Assualt Nurse Examiners (SANE nurses) are availble at Centra Hospital in Lynchburg and St. Mary's and St. Francis in Richmond.  The Longwood or Farmville Police will assist with transportation if desired.  The SANE exam is FREE to you.  The State of Virginia will cover the cost.  Even if you do not want to report the incident to the police, you may have injuries of which you are not aware. You may want to do what you can to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Physical evidence is best collected as soon as possible; however, some evidence may still be collected after 72 hours. Remember to take a change of clothes to the hospital, as they will collect the ones you're wearing as evidence.
  • As soon as you have a quiet moment, write down everything that you remember with as much detail as possible. This will help you with your own healing process, as well as help with any legal action you might decide to take.  Even if you do not involve the police right away, you have up to one year to report the assault. 
  • Remember: the assault was not your fault!


Don’t let embarrassment, cost or fear keep you from going! A professional counselor will help you, the exam is free, the police don’t have to be involved and you don’t have to press charges. But it is important that the evidence be collected in a timely manner.