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What Assistance is Available?

How Do I Contact Someone?

The Piedmont Crisis Center should be your first call; if not 911: 888.819.2926

Medical Needs

The Longwood Police Department (434.395.2091) will glady provide transportation if needed.  It is very important to make sure you are okay medically and often, sexual assault survivors are unaware of injuries they received. For this reason, we encourage you to put your physical safety and well-being first. Health providers in emergency departments or health centers can provide immediate treatment for sexually transmitted infections you may have been exposed to. If you wish, you can also speak with a health provider about the option of utilizing emergency contraception sometimes called "the morning after pill." (Emergency contraception should ideally be provided within 72 hours)

Southside Community Hospital can provide emergency care but Centra Hosptial in Lynchburg, St. Mary's and St. Francis in Richmond, will provide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE nurses) to collect and preserve evidence. The exam is at not cost to you!  The State of Virginia will cover the cost for your SANE exam.

Counseling/Consultation Needs

Sexual assault is a traumatic experience and many survivors find that psychological assistance is a very important part of the healing process. A counselor can assist you in understanding the various feelings you may be having as a result of your assault and help you work through these feelings. Talking things over provides reassurance and helps you sort things out. Counseling And Psychological Services (434.395.2409) also provides an excellent series of follow-up services to aid in the recovery process.


What are my rights?

  • The right to have present throughout the disciplinary process an advisor, which may also be a legal counsel
  • The right to remain present throughout the entire judicial hearing
  • The right to have access to existing campus mental health and victim support services
  • The right to submit a victim impact statement
  • The right to know the outcome of the proceedings
  • The right to be informed of the ability to request changes in academic and living situations.


What assistance is available?

Longwood Resources

  •  Counseling And Psychological Services434.395.2409
  • Student Health and Wellness Center 434.395.2102
  • Campus Police/Office of Public Safety 434.395.2091
  • Honor and Judicial Programs 434.395.2490
  • Associate Dean of Students 434.395.2487
  • Resident Education Coordinators 434.395.2512 or 434.395.2234
  • Assistant Director of Residential and Commuter Life 434.395.2267
  • Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life 434.395.2119
  • Director of Leadership and New Student Programs 434.395.2414
  • Resident Assistants By floor

Local Community Resources

  • Piedmont Crisis Center 888.819.2126
  • Crossroads 800.548.1688
  • Southside Community Hospital 434.392.8811
  • Virginia Sexual Assault Hotline 800.838.8238