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The Red Zone

The red zone is the period of time in which students are the most vulnerable to experiencing unwanted sex. The Red Zone takes place between the time when students return to campus and the end of the first week of classes. This high-risk period also extends to Thanksgiving break.

Now that you are here at Longwood, you will have more choices, different pressures, and no direct parental boundaries or influences to guide you.

  • What will you expect of yourself?
  • What are your responsibilities to your community?
  • Will alcohol or other drugs play a role in your life?

We are all excited about your arrival to the Longwood community, and want your experience to be positive. Unfortunately, bad things happen at times; however, with knowledge up front, you can reduce the risk of these things from happening to you.

Please remember the following safety tips and facts:

  • Most sexual assaults occur with individuals you know or have just met.
  • Don't leave valuables unattended and lock your door.
  • Don't walk alone and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Know when you've had too much to drink and don't be afraid to say "No!".
  • If you choose to drink, don't accept drinks if they are opened or if you did not see them being made. This will help to avoid any date rape drugs.