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The Student Health and Wellness Center offers both clinical and health education services.

We treat acute problems such as bronchitis, ear infections, strep throat, flu, mono, urinary infections, sexually transmitted infections, headaches, allergy symptoms, skin rashes, colds, pinkeye, minor burns, depression, and anxiety.

We also offer health education programming for the residence halls, organizations and individuals; some examples include substance abuse, tobacco use/smoking cessation, eating disorders, sexual health, and stress management.


Clinical and Health Education Visit copays are included in the students' comprehensive fee. Insurance will be billed for visits.  Students are responsable for items not covered by their insurance and/or the student health fee.  There is no pharmacy or specialty care on campus.  If a student needs a prescription filled or is referred to an outside clinician,they will be responsible for the associated costs.  Below is a list of common services available at Student Health and Wellness Center, some of which may have an extra charge. 



Monthly Allergy Injections $50.00 and up per Semester
Twice a month Allergy Injection $100.00 and up as above
3 or 4 times a month $150.00 and up as above
More than 4 times per month $200.00 and up as above
Other Per Visit or Possible Fees  
PPD - when serum is available $35 and up
Convenience fee for administration of some injections prescribed by others $5.00 and up
Crutches loaned  $30.00 replacement fee if lost or damaged

Labaratory Tests Sent to Offsite Lab (Labcorp, or Centra Lab)

billed to insurance or directly to student
Labaratory Tests Completed Onsite Per students' health insurance, a minor fee may be charged for uninsured students.
Flu Shot

Per students' health insurance, a minor fee may be charged for uninsured students.



The following health problems will require referral which the Health and Wellness Center can facilitate: ingrown toenails, removal of dental sutures, pilonidal cyst, blood under a nail, nosebleeds (other than first aid to stop the bleeding), cuts requiring sutures, and fractures, severe burns, eye emergencies, and seizures. Health Physicals for work, school, sports, ROTC, travel etc. will be referred to outside resources and are not a service of the Student Health and Wellness Center.


Allergy Clinics

Allergy clinics are available in the Student Health and Wellness Center for a fee.


Family Planning

The Student Health and Wellness Clinic has partnered with the Prince Edward County Health Department to conduct a family planning and sexually transmitted infection clinic every 4th Wednesday during the fall and spring semesters at the Prince Edward County Health Department. Call 434.392.8187 for an appointment!

If you would like to talk with a Clinician or Health Educator about resources for women's health please call us at 434.395.2102 for an appointment.

Resources for Family Planning are also available at the Prince Edward County Health Department (434.392.8187) and at the Center for Women and Families (434.392.8177).

Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception (EC) works by delaying or inhibiting ovulation and will not disrupt an implanted pregnancy. EC pills reduce the chance of pregnancy by 75%-89%.  Most need to be taken within 72 hours (3 days) of intercourse while others provide protection for up to 5 days.  Please contact your pharmacist for more details.

Emergency contraception is available at most pharmacies without a prescription.  The Health Department is also a resource at 434.392.8187.