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Social Work

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

The social work program prepares graduates for first-level professional social work careers as generalist practitioners in a variety of areas.

CLICK HERE to visit the social work program website.


The Longwood University Difference

  • Classes offered close to where you live or work and scheduled at times with the working, adult student in mind.
  • Supportive, dedicated faculty and individual assistance help students succeed.
  • On-site classes at New College Institute, Martinsville with supportive faculty and individual assistance help students succeed.
  • Guided field instruction experiences promote the delivery of effective services to diverse populations.
  • Graduates are prepared to become generalist practitioners who represent and empower oppressed individuals, groups and communities.
  • Financial aid is available.

Course Schedule

  • Longwood offers a fixed set of courses each term to allow you to progress through the program at a pace that works for you. 
  • Most students attend full time taking four courses in fall semester, four courses in spring semester, one course during intersession (December-January), a 40 hour/week internship and any additional community college classes required during the summer. 
  • Part-time schedules can be designed as well. You will work with your program director to create a course schedule that works for you.

I’m interested! What do I do?

The first, and most important, step you need to take is to contact the program director to schedule an in-person appointment.

Our off campus program director will take you through every step of your degree process from admissions to graduation.  We know how complicated getting through the college process can be, and our directors are there to help. 

Whether you just have a few questions about becoming a social work professional or are ready to apply to Longwood, contact the program director today!!

Other information to get you started!


Admission to Longwood

You need to be admitted to Longwood prior to taking your first Longwood classes. 

Because Longwood’s off campus programs are designed to deliver the last two years of a bachelor’s degree, all off campus students must already have earned an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree before applying to Longwood. 

Please schedule an appointment with the program director in your area before applying.


Tuition Fees

Off campus students pay the same tuition and fees as on campus students.  The comprehensive fee covers costs associated with off-site facility use such as rent and utilities, salaries for off campus directors and other staff, information technology services, the online course management system and video teleconferencing system and all support involved with maintaining those.

Undergraduate tuition and fees can be found here: Current tuition and fees per credit hour (Remember to multiply this amount by the number of credit hours.)  


Financial Aid

Many off campus students are eligible for financial aid.  You can apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Longwood University Financial Aid Office will use the FAFSA to determine financial need, develop a financial aid package, and issue a financial aid award letter.

Consult the following links for information about the FAFSA and Longwood University financial aid policies and programs.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):

Longwood University Financial Aid Office:


Contact Info:

Ms. Janie Brazier

Off Campus SOWK Program Director and faculty

NCI Martinsville
Longwood @ NCI
30 Franklin Street,
Martinsville, VA 24112


Cell: 434-808-6118
Martinsville Office: 276-403-5639