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Lecture Capture

How we will assist you:

We believe in Digital High Touch at the DEC, which means that we will not only set you up with Echo 360, but we will have our Instructional Technology Collaborators (ITC's) come to your office and/or classroom to teach you how to use it AND they will record everything for you and post it.

They will keep coming back to help you until you tell them to go away! We believe this is a great technology to complement your teaching and learning style, as well as for inverting/flipping the classroom (for those of you who would like to take it to another level).

Regardless, Instructional Technology should complement, not impede what you are doing. We will ensure that you can focus on your teaching, while we run the technology. The technology is simple and can be installed on your work or personal computers and in your classrooms! By doing that, all we have to do is connect a camera to a computer and you are set to record yourselves and/or your students on camera AND record everything on your computer screen. Echo 360 records both at the same time, all of which is stored in the cloud that you can distribute as you wish. You can have it automaitally go to the LMS, you can just share audio, you can edit and then distribute, you can even share the links to your peers at other institutions or in a context-sensitive way within the LMS! You completely control how your lecture captures get distributed as the owners of the material.

We will even go so far as to let you borrow an HD webcam with aimage of webcam fantastic built-in mic that you can use for the semester. These have been very popular and as long as you keep creating with them, you can use them. If you are initially uncomfortable, no worries! Our ITC's will bring one with a laptop, record everything for you and post as you wish.

It is simple, helpful and truly benefits your students, attending to how they want to learn. Contact us now at digitaledcollaborator@gmail.com and we will get you up and running right away.

UPDATE: For those of you using Echo 360, you may have noticed some new additions to your Echo Player and features to the Echo Center in our LMS. Two in particular are worth noting:


A student (or an instructor) viewing an Echo can click the Discussions button, shown below, and begin a discussion with the instructor and other students.

 Web button image with Discussions text

Discussions can also be launched from the EchoCenter. Discussions can be enabled or disabled for a section using the Discussions check box in the EchoPlayer portion of the Section configuration page. This would allow you to require students to watch something you record and comment on it at specific points in your lecture. This could all be done before class if you were inclined. Echo keeps track of where in the video the students comment, so you and they can quickly jump to that point of the video!


A student (or an instructor) viewing an Echo can click the Bookmarks button, shown below, to mark certain points in an Echo, allowing him or her to quickly navigate to a particular point for later review. For example, if you covered a complicated Math formula, a student could Bookmark that spot in the video and quickly return it!

Web button with Bookmarks text 

Email the DEC at digitaledcollaborator@gmail.com to meet with someone one on one to see this in action or to discuss how this might work for you!


 Read on for some additional benefits for teachers and students:


Echo360 for Teachers

Personal capture will capture both you on video and everything you are doing on the desktop separately.

Develop Your Content 
Flip your classroom
Teach blended, hybrid and MOOC 
Repurpose content from year to year
Host virtual office hours
Offer feedback to students
Prepare students for detail-intensive lab exercises
Reach distance students

Echo example picture of report

Echo sample picture of Walter


Measure Student Usage

How many times have you stopped during class to ask, “Any questions?” and received no response in a room so silent you could hear a pin drop? Surely, there are students out there who need further clarification of course concepts. But if they don’t ask questions during class or schedule a meeting during limited office hours, how can you help them?
Take the guesswork out of evaluating students’ understanding of content with our built-in measurement and assessment tools:

  • Heat Maps: Visual cues within the EchoCenter help you identify areas within the context of a specific recording that students may be having a hard time comprehending, allowing you to remediate as necessary.
  • Viewing Statistics: Whether you’re flipping the class, or teaching a distance or MOOC course, you can see who’s viewed your recordings. Aggregated viewing statistics in the EchoCenter help you better understand your students’ needs by analyzing metrics collected across the course and lecture levels so you can address trouble spots.
  • Discussion Threads: Unlike Facebook, you can review student discussion threads hosted in the EchoCenter, allowing you to weigh-in on discussions, address questions and provide additional content to further clarify concepts covered in your lectures.
  • Google Analytics: Built-in Google analytics offer you valuable insight into your students’ viewing behavior including how they are connecting and which browsers and mobile technologies they’re using to access instructional content. 

Making Content Accessible
You want to make sure your instruction is readily accessible to students with disabilities. To safeguard the delivery of your content, both the student and instructor interfaces in the Echo360 blended learning platform are third-party certified for compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and accessible for these students.


Echo360 for Students

Learn Anywhere, Anytime: Your smartphone or tablet could be your most powerful study aid.

Your mobile devices are as integral to your daily life as FM radio was for your parents. You rely on the latest technology to socialize, share, and research. Now you can use that technology to access your learning wherever you go, on your own schedule with Echo360’s blended learning solution.

“Today's classroom lectures can be recorded and delivered to students as podcasts or online videosbefore class. To make sure students tune in, you can give short online multiple-choice tests that can accompany this material, use blog and discussion posts, etc… “ 

Image of DVR buttons


With work, school and numerous other commitments to juggle, our digital tools give you the flexibility to review lectures and course content, pose questions to instructors and collaborate with your peers at the time and place convenient for you.

Make the Grade: Learn how Echo360 can give you the edge. 
Our online study tools allow you to revisit complex topics as many times as you need to reach that “aha” moment. If you still have questions, you don’t have to wait for office hours to get answers. You can communicate directly with professors outside of class using our digital platform.  Studying is so much easier when all of your course materials are in one place: bookmarks from key points in lectures, discussion threads around common questions and even archives of lectures that you can watch or listen to while you’re on the go.

Social Learning: Reinforce what you learn in class by tapping and contributing to the collective knowledge of your peers. 
In addition to serving as the place to view your course content or watch live webcasts of lectures or guest speakers, the EchoCenter serves as the social hub for learning. Think of the EchoCenter as your digital coffee shop. Within the EchoCenter you can ask questions of your professors and classmates or start online discussions to delve deeper into certain course topics – all outside of scheduled class time.  And, you can even reach the EchoCenter from your smartphone or tablet.
In addition to hosting all of your course resources (lecture recordings, notes and bookmarks) in one central location, the EchoCenter takes studying one step further by empowering social learning.

Case Studies: Don’t take our word for it. Read how schools around the world are using Echo360 to set their students up for success. Learn more about how other Universities are using it: http://echo360.com/case-studies

To use echo now, email digitaledcollaborator@gmail.com and we will get you up and running in no time!