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Graduate Student Professional Travel Grants

Grant Information

Attending and participating in professional conferences is a very important part of any career. As a graduate student, you are eligible for reduced conference registration rates and you are at a perfect time in your career to experience the networking, knowledge sharing, and overall exhilaration a state or national conference in your field provides. The Graduate College would like to help you attend.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies will fund travel grants to any graduate students admitted to one of Longwood’s graduate programs (endorsement programs are included) in the following amounts:

In-state conferences: up to $250.00 to cover conference registration and hotel (the grant will not cover meals, travel, or other expenses). When a program has more than 10 students traveling to any single conference, adjustments to this grant amount may be made.

Out-of-state conferences: up to $500.00 to cover conference registration, hotel, and flight or mileage to and from the conference (the grant will not cover meals or other expenses). This grant is only for students presenting, receiving an award, or working at the conference.

Multiple conferences: Funding for two conferences per student may be available if that student is presenting or receiving an award at one or both, depending on availability of funds.

How to Request a Travel Grant:

  1. Complete the Request for Conference Travel form at this link: REQUEST
  2. An email response will be sent to you and your advisor, letting you know if your travel has been approved.
  3. Once approved, review this form (pdf) outlining the steps you'll need to follow before, during, and after your trip.  Print or save a copy for your reference.

Photo and Reflection:

Graduate students who receive a professional travel grant are asked to submit a photo of themselves at the conference (and/or presenting if applicable) and to write a one-paragraph reflection upon returning.  The reflection should include a few highlights from the conference that you found most useful to your studies and/or career.  It should also include one or two benefits you felt you gained by attending.

Once you are approved to travel, you will be added as a contributor to our Grad Travel blog.  Upon returning from the conference, upload your conference photo and reflection on the blog.  Please visit this link for FAQs on creating blog posts.


You must be a graduate student admitted to a program to be eligible for this travel grant.

Students are responsible for any charges incurred prior to travel if the trip is not made.  This includes nonrefundable registration fees, cancelled flight fees, and hotel charges.

There is a limited budget for Graduate Student Professional Travel Grants.  Grants will not be awarded once that budget has been exhausted.


Grad Student Travel Reflections


School Librarianship Students and Faculty Win at Annual Conference in Las Vegas

American Library Association:  Transforming Our Libraries, Ourselves

Las Vegas, NV:  June 26 - July 1, 2014

Kannan Cangro and Terry Vasquez at 2014 ALA Conference Kannan Cangro, author Meg Medina, and Terry Vasquez (left to right)

Kannan Cangro

The session I believe that was the most beneficial to me was titled, "The power of persuasion: developing influence to become your own best advocate," from Ken Haycock.  Through his presentation, I learned some tips for valuable professional networking, how to advocate for your school library program, and teach the social principals to be a successful professional school librarian with administration, peers, and other teachers.  I truly enjoyed my experience at ALA and I thank Longwood University for the grant to help support my professional development as a school librarian.

Terry Vasquez

WOW!  To say attending this conference was a privilege vastly understates the experience.  My favorite seminar, bar none, was Ken Haycock’s Power of Persuasion: Developing Influence to Become your own Best Advocate.  I learned more in that four-hour session about how to "win and influence" administrators and school boards … anyone you need consideration/help from in any situation really…than I have learned in sixteen years of teaching. 

Amy Gold

Amy Gold with author Jon Scieszka
Amy Gold with author Jon Scieszka

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to attend the ALA annual conference in Las Vegas this year!  I attended some great sessions, met amazing authors and learned a lot about YA literature and its impact on today’s teens.  The highlights of the conference had to be the Coffee Klatch and the YALSA’s (Young Adult Library Service Associations) panel discussion on 21st Century Teens in the Digital Age.

Alison Machmer

Alison Machmer at 2014 ALA ConferenceI was able to attend a medley of sessions and learned about the new trend whereby students complete webquests and earn online, "digital badges", recent ideas involving the library serving as essentially a "makerspace" where students can learn about activities beyond the range of "traditional" library work such as projects in computer design, music production, sewing, and robotic technology, and using TED talks as a forum for open, higher-level discussion.

Tasheia Watkins

Tasheia Watkins at 2014 ALA ConferenceThere were so many wonderful concurrent sessions!  Most helpful to my new career in the field of Library Science will be the tips I received from the ALA JobList Placement Center. Human Resource professionals from the field led me through my current resume and gave step-by-step advice on how to prepare for upcoming interviews.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity.


Literature Student Brooke Vaughan Presents at Annual Conference

Children's Literature Association:  Diverging Diversities:  Plurality in Children's & Young Adult Literature Then and Now

Columbia, SC:  June 18-21, 2014

Brooke Vaughan at 2014 ChLA Conference Brooke Vaughan at 2014 ChLA Conference

In June 2014 I had the pleasure of attending the 41st annual Children’s Literature Association Conference.  This was not my first time attending or presenting at the conference, but I feel like this time around was something really special for me.

After I finished my presentation I felt such an immense relief that people understood and were interested in my argument and had such great questions to get me thinking about my thesis.  I even had one individual ask me if I was planning on publishing my paper because she would like to use it in her dissertation!  How cool is that?  I truly believe that it is the instruction and guidance of my professors here at Longwood that made my conference presentation as successful as it was!