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Graduate Student Professional Travel Grants

Grant Information

Attending and participating in professional conferences is a very important part of any career. As a graduate student, you are eligible for reduced conference registration rates and you are at a perfect time in your career to experience the networking, knowledge sharing, and overall exhilaration a state or national conference in your field provides. The Graduate College would like to help you attend.

For the 2013-2014 academic year, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies will fund travel grants to any graduate students admitted to one of Longwood’s graduate programs (endorsement programs are included) in the following amounts:

In-state conferences: up to $250.00 to cover conference registration and hotel (the grant will not cover meals, travel, or other expenses)

Out-of-state conferences: up to $500.00 to cover conference registration, hotel, and flight or mileage to get to and from the conference (the grant will not cover meals or other expenses)

Multiple conferences: Funding for two conferences per student may be available if that student is presenting or receiving an award at one or both, dependent on availability of funds.

How to Request a Travel Grant:

  1. Complete the Request for Conference Travel form by clicking on this link: REQUEST
  2. An email response will be sent to you and your advisor, letting you know if your travel has been approved.
  3. At least 3 weeks before you travel, contact Mrs. Katie Manis in the Graduate & Professional Studies office (maniskh@longwood.edu or x2707) to complete an RTA (Request for Travel Authorization).  Travel without an approved RTA will not be reimbursed.
  4. When you are at the conference be sure to get a photo of yourself while there (see #6 below).  Keep the original copy of your hotel and registration receipt.  If you are flying, keep a copy of your flight payment and itinerary confirmation.
  5. No more than 1 week after you return from your trip, meet with Mrs. Katie Manis again to complete and sign a TER (Travel Expense Reimbursement) form.  You will need all of your receipts at this time.  Travel reimbursement is subject to approval by the Longwood Accounts Payable department after they review your TER.
  6. Photo and Reflection:  Graduate students who receive a professional travel grant are asked to submit a photo of themselves at the conference (and/or presenting if applicable) and to provide a one or two paragraph reflection upon returning.  The reflection should include a few highlights from the conference that you found most useful to your studies and/or career.  It should also include one or two benefits you felt you gained by attending.  Please email the photo and reflection to perryjr@longwood.edu or maniskh@longwood.edu before your second meeting with Mrs. Manis.  Reimbursements won’t be processed without these two items.

We will post the photo and a few sentences from your reflection on the Graduate Studies website so everyone can see the professional involvement of our graduate students. 

Graduate Student Travel Checklist

Traveling?  Print our checklist (pdf) to ensure you have completed each step.


You must be a graduate student admitted to a program to be eligible for this travel grant.

Students are responsible for any charges incurred prior to travel if the trip is not made.  This includes nonrefundable registration fees, cancelled flight fees, and hotel charges.

There is a limited budget for Graduate Student Professional Travel Grants.  Grants will not be awarded once that budget has been exhausted.


Graduate Student Travel Grant Reflections

Students and Faculty Attend 87th Annual Social Science Conference

Virginia Social Science Association

Richmond, VA:  April 18-19, 2014

2014 VSSA Conference Group Students and Faculty at 2014 Conference

Lucas Burgess

By attending this conference we were able to present our research to other university students, professors, and professionals in our field. This conference gave me the experience of presenting my research to a large audience and many connections for the future.

Shay Hunter

Getting to present my own data that I have been working all year was a great experience.  I look forward to more conferences in the future and know that because I was able to attend this one I will be more confident presenting.

Sarah Works

Presenting at this conference was a beneficial experience for me that allowed me to practice my presentation skills as well as build my resume.  Overall this was a very positive experience for me and I would encourage future students, if given the opportunity, to participate in the same or a similar program.


Longwood Students and Faculty Attend State Reading Conference

Virginia State Reading Association:  Climbing New Heights to Literacy

Roanoke, VA:  March 20-22, 2014

VSRA 2014 Group Photo Amanda Stepp, Katherine Scott, Kara Bowles, and Mackenzie Sanders (left to right)


Amanda Ambrose

The first breakout session I went to see was the guided reading presentation by Jan Richardson and I couldn’t wait to attend this. I had heard so many good things about Jan Richardson. She really showed me how to get the most out of my guided reading lessons. 

Brandi Atkins

In March, I got the privilege to not only attend the Virginia State Reading Association (VSRA) Conference but a chance to present as well.  We had a lot of people thank us for all of our information and tell us what a fantastic job we did! This was a fantastic experience and really prepared me, because as a reading specialist, I will always have to give presentations to my peers and coworkers!

Kara Bowles

There were so many wonderful speakers at the conference; my favorite sessions attended were the General Sessions. These sessions were led by famous authors. Chris Lehman and Donnalyn Miller were my two favorite. They both spoke on important topics in the field of reading. I especially enjoyed them because they shared so much knowledge about their research they conduct, and it was with real children in real classrooms! I felt that it directly applied to me and my future teaching.

Nikki Paquette
Nikki Paquette VSRA 2014

Throughout the three-day conference, the most valuable aspect was the fact that all of the presentations I went to focused on taking new, relevant research and applying it towards best practice; I left every session with new ideas that were ready-to-use in the classroom, feeling rejuvenated in my desire to make a significant impact on student literacy instruction and learning.

Mackenzie Sanders

We went to a session run by a panel of principals and superintendents where we were allowed to ask questions about the interview process and questions and responses within them. This session was not only my favorite for informative reasons but also for motivation.  I am grateful Longwood provided me with the opportunity to attend and present at the VSRA Conference and cannot wait to go back next year!

Katherine Scott

This was my first VSRA conference and I was thrilled to attend as well as represent Longwood University. Presenting was an uplifting experience for me; I felt very valued in my profession and felt like I contributed to the conference. I also felt that we helped represent Longwood well.

Samantha Smith

The third session that I attended was all about using music and movement in the classroom. This was a very exciting and entertaining session. Dr. Scarrow discussed many different ways that music can be used in the classroom and the benefits of using it. I had a great time in this session participating. I had a wonderful time at this conference. I learned so much! 

Amanda Stepp

Listening to featured speakers like Chris Lehman and the author of The Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller, was so inspiring! They lit a new light of inspiration for me. The conference also provided tons of concurrent sessions that filled me with knowledge.