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Instructional Technology Collaborator (ITC)

Instructional Technology Collaborators

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The Instructional Technology Collaborator (ITC) program will be an extension of the Digital Education Collaborative and the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. Each ITC will be responsible for providing assistance to both faculty and students regarding instructional technology. 

What Instructional Technology Collaborators help with includes the theory and practice of:


  • The design for learning.
  • The development of resources for learning.
  • The utilization of resources for learning.
  • The management of resources for learning.
  • The evaluation of processes and resources for learning. 


Instructional Technology Collaborators do not engage in Information Technology support, which includes, but is not limited to:


  • The installation of hardware or software.
  • The resetting of passwords.
  • Anything related to computer security or computer networks on campus.
  • The repair or modification of Longwood technology that is broken.
  • Anything related to phones, wireless and wired internet connectivity.


If you need help with the above issues, contact the Help Desk (hyperlink info: http://www.longwood.edu/helpdesk/)

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Contact Information

Dr. Nicholas Langlie
DEC, Director of Planning and Policy

Jenny Provo Quarles
DEC, Director Training and Instruction

Jeffrey C. Everhart
DEC, Graduate Assistant and ITC Student Supervisor

Brittany Pendleton
DEC, Graduate Assistant