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Professional Portfolio

The professional porfolio option is available only in the Reading, Literacy & Learning and School Librarianship Master of Education programs.

The Professional Portfolio, SLIB 691, is the culminating experience and exit requirement for the program. Students are scaffolded by their advisor throughout the program regarding professional portfolio requirements.  During their final semester of enrollment, students are required to develop and present a professional portfolio which documents their mastery of program standards and highlights their growth throughout the program. Students will enroll in READ 691 or SLIB 691, one (1) credit hour and may receive the grade of pass (P) / not pass (NP) /Satisfactory Profress (SP) and it will not be used in calculating the grade point average (GPA).  A grade of incomplete (I) may not be assigned.  A student who earns a Not Pass is allowed to retake 691 once.  Should the student earn a second Not Pass, the student will be dismissed from the graduate program.  Continuous enrollment is required until completion with a maximum of one credit with the grade of P counted toward degree requirements.  Students must have already filed the Application for Graduate Degree to be eligible to enroll in READ 691 or SLIB 691.



General Requirements

Students should consult their advisors and the handbook for specific requirements. Development of a portfolio provides each candidate opportunities for reflection and self-evaluation with the graduate program as well as within his/her professional position that demonstrates proficiency in their discipline.  The Portfolio will be evaluated by the program faculty and presented to a panel of faculty and program peers on a date scheduled during the semester of registration for 691.

photo18_SLI2010 Summer Literacy Institute hosted annually by Reading, Literacy & Learning and School Librarianship.


Procedures for Culmination of the Process

  • Portfolio completed under instructor supervision while registered for READ 691 or SLIB 691.
  • The Professional Portfolio will be reviewed and evaluated by program faculty members.
  • The candidate will present a synopsis of the Professional Portfolio to the faculty committee and his/her program peers on a date selected within the semester of enrollment in READ or SLIB 691.
  • The advisor will submit written notification to the Registrar of the grade.