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The lecture/recital option is available only in the C&I Specialist in Music Program.

Students will enroll in MUSC 683 - Lecture Recital for four (4) credits and may receive the grade of pass (P) / not pass (NP) / Incomplete (I). An incomplete that has not been resolved by the end of the subsequent regular semester will result in the grade of NP. Students must have already filed the Application for Graduate Degree to be eligible to enroll in MUSC 683.


General Requirements

Students should consult their advisors and the handbook for specific requirements. The General format of the written document should be the same as described above in the Thesis section of this website. In addition the student is responsible for including both a video recording of the lecture/recital and an audio recording of the performance part complete with bands separating the various pieces and identification of the bands. The timelines for completion of the research and document are included in the course syllabus. The required public presentation will be scheduled by the Department of Music for a date in March, and all members of the Cohort who are completing their projects during that year will offer their presentations/performances at that time as a Symposium.

Procedures For Culmination Of The Process

  • Required public presentations are scheduled for a March date by the Department of Music, and students should indicate their intent to participate to the program coordinator by the previous September.
  • The written document is due to the committee by mid January.
  • The graduate student will submit an Oral Examination form a minimum of 30 days prior to the scheduled defense to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.
  • The public presentation will be recorded and copies made available to the student.
  • The advisor will submit written notification to the Registrar of the grade and the title of the project.
  • The graduate student delivers the written document, the video recording of the presentation and an audio recording of the musical portion to the Library for binding.
  • The Library submits written notification to the Registrar of the receipt of and payment for the binding of the research.
  • A copy of an abstract of not more than 400 words must be submitted to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.