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Executive Director

Angela Stimpson
Bristow 202 
Phone: 434-395-2836
Fax: 434-395-2647
email: stimpsonar@longwood.edu

Directors and Managers

Administrative Services

Phone: 434-395-2836
Fax: 434-395-2647
email: stimpsonar@longwood.edu

Energy Management

Kevin Miller
Energy Manager
Bristow 120A
Phone: 434-395-2870
Fax: 434-395-2647
email: millerkc@longwood.edu  

Environmental Health & Safety

Michael Lonon
McCorkle 122
Phone: 434-395-2809
Fax: 434-395-2978
email: lononrc@longwood.edu

Landscaping and Grounds Management

David Love
Bristow 202
Phone: 434-395-2947
Fax: 434-395-2647
email: lovedm@longwood.edu

Physical Plant

Ben Myers
Bristow 208 
Phone: 434-395-2740
Fax: 434-395-2647
email: myersab@longwood.edu

Fleet Services

Susan Borum
Fleet Services Manager
Bristow 225
Phone: 434-395-2299
Fax: 434-395-2647
email: borumsh@longwood.edu


Points of Contact

Office of the Executive Director for Facilities

Melissa Pelletier
Bristow 220
Phone: 434-395-2630
Alt Phone: 434-395-2900
Fax: 434-395-2647
email: pelletierma@longwood.edu

Administrative Services, Physical Plant, Landscaping and Grounds

Jennifer Sheeler
Bristow 210
Phone: 434-395-2300
Alt Phone: 434-395-2089
Fax: 434-395-2647
email: sheelerjl@longwood.edu

Jayne Fanshaw
Bristow 220A
Phone: 434-395-2301
Fax: 434-395-2647
email: fanshawjc@longwood.edu

Workorder Center

Tracy Shook
Bristow 119
Phone: 434-395-2373
Fax: 434-395-2221
email: shookts@longwood.edu

Contract Administration

Bill Irish
Bristow 214
Phone: 434-395-2655
Fax: 434-395-2647
email: irishwm@longwood.edu