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Facilities Operations

heating plant


About the Facilities Operations Team

This department includes: Carpentry, Painting, Plumbing, Key Shop, HVAC shop, the Steam Plant, and Energy Management.  When a work order comes in, they are the folks who come to fix whatever it is that isn't quite working. Your classrooms and offices are cool in the summer, warm in the winter. If it gets broken, damaged, or just a little worn, they fix it, paint it, rebuild it if they can.  In a phrase, the Facilities Operations team, based in Bristow Hall, keeps the buildings beautiful and functioning properly.

What We Do...

Whether they are in the boiler plant ascertaining that it is running at full steam, turning nails and timber into a platform for an award presentation, painting trim on Blackwell Hall, powerwashing Stevens' facade, fixing a leaky faucet, or any number of things around campus, these ladies and gentlemen give it their all, all the time, to ensure we have a safe, comfortable, and beautiful campus.  See below for the Facilities Operations Mission Statement.

Facilities Operations Campus Standards

Please click the links below to access Longwood University's Campus standards for exterior light controls, exterior light retrofit, and Building Automation System (BAS) standards.  Should you have any questions or concerns with any of these please contact Ben Myers, Director of Facilities Operations at 434-395-2740 or myersab@longwood.edu or Kevin Miller, Energy Manager, at 434-395-2870 or millerkc@longwood.edu.

- Exterior Lights Controls

- Exterior Lights Retrofit

- Longwood BAS Standards

  Mission Statement

  • Support the purpose and mission of the division
  • Support and promote campus sustainability efforts
  • Proactively improve, maintain and operate the University's facilities in a responsible, safe and cost effective manner
  • Ensure all facilities are safe, accessible, and in compliance with all applicable government codes and regulations


Biomass: The Wave of the (Heating) Future!