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Facilities Management & Real Property Management

The Division of Facilities Management and Real Property Management is dedicated to making the campus and facilities as aesthetically pleasing, accommodating, and functional as possible.  Led by Vice President Dick Bratcher, the departments of Landscaping and Grounds Management, Campus Planning & Development (CPD), Facilities Operations (which includes the steam plant and HVAC areas), Capital Design & Construction (CDC), and Administrative Services (housing the Work Order Center and Motor Pool, including the motor coach service) work hard to keep everything working as it ought.  The Division Mission statement appears below:

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Division of Facilities Management and Real Property is to support the mission of the university by:

  • Providing safe physical surrounds to attract, retain, and graduate students as well as to support teaching and learning by planning, building, and maintaining university facilities;
  • Acting as responsible stewards of the Commonwealth’s resources;
  • Providing leadership in the efficient use of energy and the protection of the environment;
  • Promoting and advancing sustainability;
  • Providing value to customers;
  • Improving our external community.

Core Values

  • Integrity:We strive to adhere to all of our core values throughout all of our conduct as representatives of the university.
  • Honesty:We strive to be trustworthy in our dealings and adhere to the truth.
  • Respect:We strive to ensure that our demeanor and actions show a high regard for the safety, well being, feelings, diverse values and cultural backgrounds of those with which we interact locally and globally
  • Courage:We strive to persevere in the face of challenges and to stay true our core values in the face of opposition.
  • Commitment:We strive to completely and zealously fulfill our responsibilities to ourselves, family, professional position, colleagues, local community, nation, and global community.
  • Loyalty:We strive to be constant and unswerving in our allegiance to our team, division and the university.
  • Professionalism:We strive to complete our tasks competently, ethically, and to the best of our abilities
  • Sense of Service: We strive to approach our duties in a manner that contributes to the welfare of all.

Vision Statement

The Division of Facilities Management and Real Property will be recognized as a model for:

  • Learning organizations;
  • Provision of high quality services;
  • Provision of effective solutions, as well as;
  • Efficient use of resources.

Our team will be comprised of individuals who:

  • Are proactive;
  • Plan for the future;
  • Solve problems through understanding and meaningful dialogue, as well as;
  • Adapt to an ever changing environment
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1938Painting_NCunningham Painting - Elm Tree outside North Cunningham


We have recently upgraded to AiM, a new workorder system that will enable us to more efficiently handle requests.

Place a workorder 
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Questions? The PDF, accessible via the following link, should answer most of your questions: AiM Workorder Help.

Did the PDF not help? Please feel free to email your questions, comments, or concerns to Angela Stimpson: Angela Stimpson


Guidelines & Standards

Design Guidelines & Construction Standards (pdf)