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EMS Benefits

Fall Lamp Post

The benefits of having an EMS are numerous:

  • Helps staff track environmental compliance requirements
  • Increases environmental awareness on grounds
  • Important documents ranging from SOPs and emergency response plans to required regulatory records can be easily accessed and utilized by those who need them
  • Requires designation roles and responsibilities so the proper people can be notified in case of a problem or emergency
  • Requires training to ensure that everyone knows about the EMS and their individual role
  • Requires training to ensure that everyone who performs a task related to a significant aspect is properly trained so as to minimize any potential impacts associated with that activity
  • Provides a means by which students and staff can offer suggestions on ways to improve the University
  • Ensures University facilities are closely examining their operations and looking for ways to minimize their impact on the environment thus promoting sustainability within our community
  • May result in a cost savings as wasteful practices are replaced