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Undergraduate Programs



Students who major in English at Longwood University enroll in a series of courses which explore all of the historical and cultural periods of British and American literature.

These courses are a foundation for advanced courses that explore the tradition and expand the canon of British, American, and world literature. The major culminates in a course in literary criticism. In addition, the program offers a variety of courses in creative and professional writing, in English education, and in the English language. Classes are small and faculty members are available to students. Other opportunities include internships in both English education and writing and Study Abroad programs in English.

Longwood University English majors gain transferable skills in analytic and creative thinking as well as effective speaking and writing that will prepare them for a variety of careers.

Jobs held by graduates include magazine editor, public relations writer, technical writer, paralegal, business manager, social services counselor, executive director, and teachers from middle school to college. Majors will have a solid foundation for advanced study in English, whether in Longwood's Master of Arts in English or elsewhere, as well as in law and other professional fields.

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Modern Languages

The Modern Languages program offers courses in French, German, Spanish and English as a Second Language.

The major in Modern Languages requires a concentration in one of these three languages (30 or 33 hours beyond 202) and a second modern language (3 hours at the 202-level or above). No grade below C in the language of the concentration is accepted for graduation requirements for the major or minor in that language.

Students preparing to teach will follow a sequence of courses in addition to the major requirements. Students meeting endorsement requirements will be licensed to teach a modern language at all levels from Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Endorsement in an additional language requires 24 semester hours (at least 12 of which must be beyond intermediate level). Advanced placement reduces proportionately the number of hours required by the Commonwealth of Virginia for endorsement. Majors must have a 2.50 GPA, both cumulatively and in the major, prior to student teaching.

Modern Language majors are required to complete at least one regular semester in a Longwood-approved study abroad program. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 to be eligible for study abroad. Longwood sponsors regular semester study abroad programs in Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Venezuela and elsewhere. Students may also make arrangements to study in other countries through the Office of International Affairs.

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