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English Education

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get admitted to teacher preparation?

The following are the requirements for admission to teacher preparation:

  • Completed and submitted online application;
  • Record of successful completion of a) Praxis I or b) SAT, ACT, VCLA + math from SAT, ACT or Praxis 1;
  • Grade of C or better in EDUC 245 and EDUC 260 or SPED 202 and SPED 220;
  • Demonstration of competency in written and oral English--no less than a C in English 150;
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.50;
  • Two positive faculty recommendations (online faculty access only), one by the Program Coordinator or Program Coordinator's designee.
  • Transfer students must apply for admission to teacher preparation by the third week of their second semester at Longwood University. All criteria listed above apply to transfer students with the exception that the recommendation may be required for only one course, dependent on the student's schedule during the first semester at Longwood University.

When should I apply?

Your first semester at Longwood--by October 1 or March 1. As you complete steps to make you eligible to be admitted, your application will be updated.  You cannot take most education courses or participate in any practica until you have filed your online application. 

What is Praxis I? Why must I take it? When should I take it?

Praxis I is a test of basic academic skills with sections on reading, writing, and mathematics. All prospective teachers seeking initial teaching licensure in Virginia are required to take the Praxis I test and submit a passing combined score of 532 for admission to any teacher preparation program. As an alternative, prospective teachers may submit qualifying verbal scores from the SAT, ACT, or VCLA + math scores from SAT, ACT, or Praxis 1. Since qualifying scores on VCLA are required for licensure, it will save money to use the alternative method for entering the teacher preparation program.

Praxis I should be taken during the freshman year but no later than the first semester sophomore year. Praxis I (or alternative) scores must be sent to the Director of Professional Services before a student can be admitted to the teacher preparation program.

How do I get admitted to student teaching? When do I apply?

You must complete this online application for admission to student teaching two semesters or one full year before the semester in which you want to do student teaching. Specific deadlines regarding the application process are posted at the top of the application.

You must meet these requirements before submitting the online application to the Office of Professional Services:

  • Prior admission to Teacher Preparation, including passing Praxis I or acceptable SAT scores;
  • Overall grade point average of at least 2.50 and gpa of at least 2.5 in English major courses;
  • Two faculty recommendations;
  • Demonstration of the physical and mental health necessary for the tasks associated with the teaching profession. Individuals who give evidence of a disability must demonstrate compensatory or support skills;
  • Evidence of the satisfactory completion of a broad background in general education;
  • Demonstration of adequate preparation in professional courses (EDUC, PHED, SPED, major specific courses) with a minimum grade of C on each course and overall grade point average of at least 2.75 on all professional courses.

NOTE: A student denied admission into the Teacher Preparation Program or the Professional Semester may reapply when the acceptance criteria are met.

What do I need to be licensed to teach?

These are the Virginia teaching licensure requirements; these assessments must be submitted to the Office of Professional Services before Seminar Day of the student teaching semester, before student teaching:

  • A passing score on VCLA & PRAXIS II;
  • A grade in student teaching of A, B, or C;
  • An overall grade point average of at least 2.50; and
  • A grade point average for the student teaching semester of at least 2.75.

What is Praxis II? Why must I take it?

The Commonwealth of Virginia now requires a passing score (172) on the Praxis II English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge (Test Form 5038). The ETS website describes this test in detail and lists registration dates. You are encouraged to take the Praxis II test after completing most of your course work, but you must have a passing score before student teaching.

What is the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA)?

The Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) is an assessment required of all teacher candidates by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Cut off scores for passing the VCLA have been established as follows: Writing - 235; Reading - 235; or a composite score of 470. For more information, go to http://www.va.nesinc.com.

How can I find out more about teacher licensure in Virginia?

Go to the Virginia Department of Education Division of Teacher Education and Licensure website.


Timelines to Consider for English Majors Seeking Teaching Endorsement

Freshman Year


  • Courses that fulfill Goals 1 - 10; must take ENGL 201 as Goal 3
  • EDUC 245 and/or EDUC 260 (before applying to Teacher Preparation Program as sophomore or sooner)
  • ENGL 209 (prerequisite for all literature courses)


  • Attend Prelude to the Profession meeting
  • Pass Praxis I Math 1 CASE test; pass VCLA test
  • Consider selecting a minor for an add-on endorsement
  • Start making connections with professors
  • Maintain 2.5 overall gpa and 2.5 gpa in English major


Sophomore Year


  • Continue working on Goals 1 - 10
  • ENGL 208 (fall only; beginning with students who enter the program Fall 2014)
  • EDUC 245 and EDUC 260 (if not taken as freshman; before applying to Teacher Preparation Program)
  • ENGL 350, ENGL 381, and ENGL 382
  • ENGL 209 (if not taken as freshman; prerequisite for all literature courses)
  • If possible, select THEA 448 as your humanities elective course
  • Summer: EDUC 370 (1st English field experience, aka Practicum II; there is no Practicum I for Sec. English)


  • Complete online application for admission to Teacher Preparation Program by October 1; 2 online faculty recommendations and Praxis I Math CASE and VCLA required
  • Complete EDUC 370 application by October 1
  • Consider selecting a minor for an add-on endorsement
  • Continue fostering connections with professors
  • Maintain 2.5 overall gpa and 2.5 gpa in English major


Junior Year


  • Courses that fulfill Goals 11 - 14
  • EDUC 432, EDUC 487, EDUC 455 (Students who entered beginning Fall 2014 take ENGL 208 as sophomores, not EDUC 455.)
  • Get permission to take ENGL 461 two semesters before student teaching to help with Praxis II
  • ENGL 479 (Prerequisite ENGL 382; fall only)
  • Humanities elective course if not already completed; THEA 448 if possible


  • Pass VCLA and Praxis II Test # 5038 before student teaching (Passing score for Praxis II is 167.) Submit passing scores in Canvas by Dec. 15 for spring student teaching, by July 15 for fall student teaching.
  • Two semesters before student teaching, submit the online student teaching application; Sept 1 and Feb 1 deadlines
  • Fill out online Application for Degree form with advisor before the end of spring semester, one year before graduation
  • Maintain 2.5 overall gpa and 2.5 gpa in English major


Senior Year


  • Fall only: EDUC 473 & ENGL 480 (must be taken together; field experience like partnership; complete TWS)
  • Complete courses that fulfill Goals 11 - 14 and elective courses
  • ENGL 482 (3rd and last English field experience--student teaching)


  • Pass VCLA and Praxis II test # 5038 before student teaching
  • Ask professors who know you well to write letters of recommendation to use with job applications (be sure to give 2 weeks' notice at a minimum, stamped self-addressed envelopes, and a résumé)
  • Consider setting up a professional portfolio with the Career and Advising Center; they will keep copies of your transcripts and recommendations to send to prospective employers.
  • Maintain 2.5 overall gpa and 2.5 gpa in English major