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C&I Specialist: Spanish

The Spanish Curriculum and Instruction Specialist concentration is designed for the classroom teacher who wants to improve instructional skills as well as expand knowledge and skills in Spanish.

Completion may lead to the postgraduate professional license.  Applicants are expected to present an undergraduate major in Spanish and a valid Collegiate Professional License or equivalent from another state.  Note that courses with a SPAN prefix are usually offered during summer institutes for teachers. Students should work closely with their advisor to determine their course of study.

Summer Institutes for Teachers

Graduate courses in Spanish are offered during the Summer Institute for Spanish Teachers in Mérida, Venezuela, and in Valencia, Spain, and change each year. Approximate dates each year are from July 5th thru 30th; the application deadline is May 1st.

In each Summer Institute attended, students may take two graduate Spanish courses and receive six credits while living with host families and sharing three meals per day with them.

The Summer Institute is very intensive; besides attending classes each day, students participate in visits to sites of cultural or historic significance and in social activities with the families and instructors.

Students should visit the Modern Languages web site for more information.



Newly admitted students are assigned the appropriate advisor. The assignment of the advisor generally is not changed unless the student changes his/her degree program. Prior to registration, students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor regarding course selection and sequence, career goals, and relevant academic policies. Although the academic advisor assists students with curriculum decisions and options, the student bears full responsibility for meeting graduation requirements.


Program Requirements for the Master's Degree

  • EDUC 699 Comprehensive Examination (0)

Select a minimum of four (4) courses from among the following:

  • EDUC 506 Contemporary Social Issues in American Education (3) 
  • EDUC 520 Literacy Development and Cultural Awareness (3) 
  • EDUC 530 Teaching Reading in the Content Area (3)
  • EDUC 547 Instructional Media and Computer Technology in the Classroom (3)
  • EDUC 550 Classroom and Behavior Management for PreK-12 Teachers (3)
  • EDUC 565 Teaching Students Through Their Individual Learning Styles (3)
  • EDUC 571 Foundations of Instruction and Learning Theory (3)
  • EDUC 671 Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction and Instructional Programs (3)

Select a minimum of six (6) courses from the following:

  • SPAN 500 Approaches to Teaching Spanish (3)
  • SPAN 501 Advanced Grammar Through Composition and Conversation (3)
  • SPAN 502 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics (3)
  • SPAN 520 Topics in Literature (3)
  • SPAN 521 The Teaching of Literature (3)
  • SPAN 530 Topics in Culture and Civilization (3)
  • SPAN 531 The Teaching of Culture and Civilization (3)
  • SPAN 595 Special Topics (1-3)



Program Coordinator

Dr. Lily A. Goetz

Grainger 320