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Course Requirements and Sequence

You must complete all General Education, Liberal Studies major and Special Education requirements listed in the University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. Be aware that you must maintain a 2.5 or better overall and Liberal Studies major G.P.A. in order to student teach in your senior year. To be accepted into student teaching you also must have a minimum grade of "C" in all professional Special Education coursework and a professional G.P.A. of at least 2.75. To be accepted into the graduate program, you must have at least a 2.75 overall GPA.  Once admitted to the graduate program, you must maintain a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA.  
All of the requirements for the B.S. degree in Liberal Studies are listed on the Liberal Studies web site.

The professional Education and Special Education courses required are listed below.

Course Sequence - Special Education


  • SPED 202 Introduction to Special Education/3 credits (Spring)
  • EDUC 245 Human Growth and Development/3 credits (recommended Fall)


  • SPED 305 Behavior Management, Part I/3 credits (Fall)
    ** Students must be admitted to the Teacher Preparation Program before they will be permitted to enroll in SPED 321 or SPED/EDUC courses above this level.  Information on meeting the requirement is available on the Office Of Professional Services web site:  http://www.longwood.edu/professionalservices/index.html.


  • SPED 321 Reading and Language Arts for Students with Exceptional Needs /3 credits (Fall only)
  • SPED 323 Practicum in Reading Assessment and Tutoring/2 credits
  • SPED 325 Introduction to Assessment/3 credits 
    **SPED 321, 323, and 325 must be taken concurrently.
  • SPED 322 Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Adaptations for Students with Exceptional Needs/ 3 credits (Spring only)
  • SPED 327 Practicum II/3 credits (recommended First Summer Session)
  • SPED/CSDS 411 Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication in the General Curriculum/3 credits (Spring)


  • SPED 375 Language and Language Disorders/3 credits (Fall)

Professional Semester

  • EDUC 406 Directed Teaching for Students with Exceptional Needs/12 credits
    **Students are strongly encouraged to complete the VCLA and the Praxis II (Elementary Content Knowledge or a secondary content knowledge test) prior to EDUC 406.

Total Credits Summary for Undergraduate Degree: 128 


  • EDUC 502 Research Design/3 credits
  • EDUC 620 School Law/3 credits
  • SPED 516 Medical and neurological Problems of Exceptional Students/3 credits
  • SPED 519 Instructional Phonics/3 credits
  • SPED 525 Evidence Based Language Arts Instruction/3 credits
  • SPED 545 Psychoeducational Assessment/3 credits
  • SPED 565 Behavioral Management/3 credits
  • SPED 575 Career and Life Planning for Exceptional Learners in the General Curriculum/3 credits
  • SPED 600 Thesis Research/3 credits OR
  • SPED 601 Collaborative Special Education Research/3 credits OR
  • EDUC 699 Comprehensive Examination/0 credits***
  • SPED 682 Collaboration in the School, Home and community/3 credits
  • SPED 689 Seminar of Current Issues in Special Education/3 credits
  • SPED 690 Internship/3 credits
    ***Students selecting the comprehensive examination option must complete a three-credit class in lieu of SPED 600 or 601 and register for the comprehensive examination.  Suggested three-credit classes include:  EDUC 530, 549, 571, 681; READ 510, 530; SPED 550, 555, or 560.  The course selected must not have been taken during the undergraduate years.
    **Students must complete the Praxis II Special Education Knowledge-Based Core Principles and the RVE prior to completion of the Master of Science degree.

Total Credits Summary for Graduate Degree:  36


Minor in Special Education

A special education minor may be pursued by students in any other major. Students who wish to minor take the following sequence of courses: 18 credits

15 Credits:

  • SPED 305 Behavior Management/3 credits
  • SPED 322 Math, Science, and Social Studies Adaptation for Students with Exceptional Needs/3 credits
  • SPED 375 Language and Language Disorders/3 credits (except CSDS students)
  • SPED/CSDS 411 Assistive Technology and Augmentive Communication in the General Curriculum/3 credits
  • SPED 489 Survey of Exceptional Children /3 credits

3 Credits from the following:

  • CSDS 206 Introduction to Sign Language/3 credits
  • EDUC 245 Human Growth and Development/3 credits
  • PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology/3 credits
  • PSYC 356 Abnormal Psychology/3 credits
  • PSYC 357 Psychopathology of Childhood/3 credit

For undergraduate course descriptions and requirements please refer to the current Undergraduate Catalog; for graduate course descriptions and requirements please refer to the current Graduate Catalog.