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Diversity & Inclusion

Our Focus


Diversity and Inclusion collaborates to build an inclusive intercultural campus environment by providing transformative educational programs and activities for the Longwood Community to increase the understanding and valuing of diversity.  We also provide social, educational, and leadership development opportunities for all students as well as advocacy and support for historically underrepresented students and groups.

Diversity @ Longwood


2015 Hunger Banquet Flier

We are very pleased to announce that this year’s Hunger Banquet program will take place on October 7th at 5:30pm in ABC rooms of the Lankford Student Union. This year’s program will be a part of a larger initiative through the area of Citizen Leadership and Social Justice Education called "The Power of Privilege Week." The purpose of "The "Power of Privilege Week" is to bring awareness to the individual, cultural, and systemic privilege and oppression that exists in America.


Students who participate in the Hunger Banquet program will:

  1. Learn basic facts about hunger on the local, regional, and national levels.
  2. Gain an understanding of hunger in local communities and how it can affect them directly and indirectly.
  3. Encourage students to examine hunger as a relevant social issue.
  4. Engage in meaningful dialogue about food security and its impact on the local communities.


Upon completion of the program participants will be able to:

  1. Identify at least 3 ways to volunteer locally, regionally, or nationally in order to assist with food security on a global scale.
  2. Articulate at least one way that food security as a social issue impacts them personally.
  3. Define food security and demonstrate its effect in the local community.


Registration for this event is required, and space is limited. Students can register here.

Please contact Courtney Jones-Addison, with any questions or for further information.