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University Diversity Council

Diversity Council Mission

The primary mission of the University Diversity Council is to develop, recommend, and sponsor policies, procedures, and programs that facilitate a more diverse and pluralistic campus community that is welcoming, safe, and affirming for all.  

Council Responsibilities

  • Serves as an advisory forum, advocacy group, and resource for campus concerns and opinions pertaining to diversity, pluralism, and inclusion.
  • Sponsors and coordinates programs for students, faculty, and staff that promote diversity education and multicultural competencies.
  • Identifies and recommends institutional policies and procedures that foster and enhance an inclusive community.
  • The Council website and diversity portal (http://www.longwood.edu/diversity.htm) serves as a resource for both internal and external constituents.

President's Diversity Fund Proposal

President's diversity fund information


Council Membership 2012-2013

Council Chair & Co-Chair  

  • Jonathan Page, Director for Citizen Leadership and Social Justice Education
  • Dr. David Magill, Assistant Professor of English

 Staff Representatives 

  • Courtney Addison, Associate Director for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Cameron Patterson, Program Coordinator for the Office of Disability Resources
  • Jonnelle Davis, Assistant Director for Student Union Events and Operations  
  • Onie McKenzie, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Ashley Woodard, Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Larry Robertson, Dean of Students & Executive Director of RCL
  • Bob Zupanek, Campus Minister; Johns Memorial Episcopal Church 

Faculty Representatives

  • Dr. Pam Tracy, Associate Professor of Communication Studies & Director of CAFE
  • Dr. Naomi Johnson, Co-Director Women's and Gender Studies Program /Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
  • Susan Stinson, Adjunct Instructor in English / Advisor to Longwood Student Veterans
  • Jonathan Page, Lecturer in English and Modern Languages

Presidents Office

  • Vacant

Student Representatives

  • Vacant, Chair of the Student Diversity and Inclusion Council (SDIC)



Objectives 2012-2013

  • Assist with the evaluation phases of the 2010-11 Campus Diversity Survey results
  • Environmentally focused research and assessments (i.e., study of how diversity is presented through the recruiting and admission process; study of participation rates of underrepresented students in various student services, activities, and programs, etc.)
  • Develop and execute new council programs including, Culture in the Classroom, and PRAXIS: Discussions around Difference.
  • Collaborate with the Student Diversity and Inclusion Council (SDIC) on university-wide programming
  • Develop at least one diversity focused research presentation and or journal article