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Diversity @ Longwood


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Miles Marrow - Longwood Student, Freshman Biology Major

Miles Marrow

Miles Marrow
Freshman, Biology Major

Beginning Quotes

There's a quote I live by: 'Emulate those whose knowledge and success you wish to gain and one day surpass.' When I think of this quote, I think of a hero of mine, Malcolm X, who fought for ideals in which he believed. Malcolm X had an active and assertive preconception of the world around him, unlike Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose motives were peaceful. Through trials and tribulations, Malcolm X was able to see that his ideals were flawed by ill intentions and eventually was able to find respect for all diversity.

We can't live in the past; a more diverse world awaits us. We have to remember our past but also learn from our past. As individuals grow, accepting our faults and preconceptions are the first steps to moving toward a more diverse world in which we can all take part.

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Activities with which Mr. Marrow is involved:

Cormier Honors College for Citizen Scholars, Honors Student; Alpha Lambda Delta (Freshman Honor Society), Member; Aramark Dining Services, Student Employee


Maggie K. Butler - Director of the Office of Disability Services

Maggie Butler

Maggie K. Butler
Director, Office of Disability Services

Beginning Quotes

As a Disability Service Provider on the Longwood campus I am charged with promoting inclusive learning, physical and social environments. Through collaboration, education and empowerment the Office of Disability Services partners with students, faculty and staff to focus on abilities rather than disabilities. With a campus community eager to learn, full participation of individuals with disabilities can be achieved through a community effort.

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Activities with which Ms. Butler is involved:

Board member and Membership Chair of the Virginia Rehabilitation Counselor Association, Active member of the Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Leadership, and Beginning Sign Language Instructor for Virginia Commonwealth University's Summer Enrichment program for inner city youth


Dr. "Dee" (Deneese) Jones - Dean and Professor of the College of Education and Human Services

Dr. "Dee" (Deneese) Jones
Dean and Professor, College of Education and Human Services

Dr. Deneese Jones
Beginning Quotes

It is my personal and professional belief that even though we are on the brink of the twenty-first century, most of our universities and colleges struggle with the challenge of becoming multicultural institutions of higher education within these United States. This presents significant barriers for our efforts to provide equitable education for all students. Ultimately, we must collectively engage in deliberate strategies for eliminating this crisis within our own spheres of influence. I attest that failure to confront the barriers to the full realization of these ideals would mean a failed educational system for everyone.

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Activities with which Dr. Jones is involved:

Founder - College of Education and Human Services (CEHS) Call Me MISTER program (Longwood University); Chair, Ad Hoc Committee for Presidents' Diversity Advisory Committee - 2009 (Longwood University); Founder - CEHS Sankofa Lecture Series (Longwood University); Chair, Presidents' Commission on Diversity (University of Kentucky); Associate Dean, Graduate School-Recruitment & Diversity (University of Kentucky); Director and Co-Founder, Center for the Study of Academic Achievement in Learning Environments (SAALE) (University of Kentucky); Author:  Preparing Student Teachers for Pluralistic Classrooms (1998), Allyn & Bacon


Jillian Ratliff - Longwood Student, Junior Liberal Studies Major

Jillian Ratliff

Jillian Ratliff
Junior, Liberal Studies Major

Beginning Quotes

I believe in promoting diversity on campus to create a more open and unified environment. Part of being a student leader is encouraging a safe environment where everyone can express their opinions openly and honestly.

By being involved in a variety of different activities on campus I try to promote ties between organizations and further the sense of community that is already here at Longwood.

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Activities with which Ms. Ratliff is involved:

Unity Alliance, Vice President; Student Government Association, Multicultural Affairs Representative; University Diversity Council, Council Member


Bob Zupanek - Catholic Campus Minister

Bob Zupanek

Bob Zupanek
Catholic Campus Minister

Beginning Quotes

"I grew up in an isolated environment in the Northeast (Pittsburgh) where, as the saying went, there was a Catholic church on every corner, but the world has changed dramatically since then.

Now you can communicate with anyone at any time anywhere in the world. God created all of us - white, black, brown, red, yellow, whatever. We are all his children, and there shouldn't be things in the world that separate us from one another. My work with the Diversity Council has taken away barriers and, I hope, brought some unity." 

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Activities with which Mr. Zupanek is involved:

Catholic campus minister for Longwood and Hampden-Sydney College (H-SC); member of Longwood Diversity Council; chair of the Campus and Young Adult Ministry Commission for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond; and works with Theolog, an H-SC-based group made up of local ministers and religion professors.


Susan Stinson - Lecturer in English

Susan Stinson
Lecturer, English

Susan Stinson
Beginning Quotes

As a teacher, I believe my role is to provide students with the critical and creative thinking / writing skills they need to question and advance their understandings of social constructs set both by society and the individual. In the classroom, we explore elements of both individual identity (including one's race, class, sex, gender, sexuality, and so forth) as well as collective identities (what it means, for example, to be American or what it means to be a Capitalist).

I encourage free and open debate in the classroom, and I expect my students to articulate problems they have noticed within their chosen professions and the public sphere and to formulate practical solutions to those problems.

Ending Quote Marks

Activities with which Ms. Stinson is involved:

Revising a memoir; presenting at the Spring 2010 Southern Humanities Conference; serving as the faculty advisor to the Longwood Student Veterans group; serving as a confidential resource for GLBTQ students; volunteering with the Southside Chapter of The American Red Cross; traveling abroad


What are the Benefits of Diversity at Colleges and Universities?

"A racially and ethnically diverse university student body has far-ranging and significant benefits for all students, non-minorities and minorities alike. Students learn better in a diverse educational environment, and they are better prepared to become active participants in our pluralistic, democratic society once they leave such a setting"

"Higher education is especially influential when its social milieu is different from the community background from which the students come, and when it is diverse enough and complex enough to encourage intellectual experimentation"

"Students learn more and think in deeper, more complex ways in a diverse educational environment."

Expert report of Patricia Gurin



Diversity Council Mission

The primary mission of the University Diversity Council is to develop, recommend, and sponsor policies, procedures, and programs that facilitate a more diverse and pluralistic campus community that is welcoming, safe, and affirming for all.  

Council Responsibilities

  • Serves as an advisory forum, advocacy group, and resource for campus concerns and opinions pertaining to diversity, pluralism, and inclusion.
  • Sponsors and coordinates programs for students, faculty, and staff that promote diversity education and multicultural competencies.
  • Identifies and recommends institutional policies and procedures that foster and enhance an inclusive community.
  • The Council website and diversity portal (http://www.longwood.edu/diversity.htm) serves as a resource for both internal and external constituents.

Guiding Principles

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion L.E.A.D.S you toward creating a more diverse and inclusive campus community!

  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will LISTEN. It is our goal to listen to all students in hopes that we can develop a firmer understanding of student needs and interest around furthering the creation of a more inclusive and accepting campus community.
  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will EDUCATE. One of our primary responsibilities is to educate the Longwood community on topics concerning human and cultural differences. It is not only our mission to advance students' understanding and appreciation for diversity through programs and activities designed to challenge personal and social misconceptions, but it is also our goal to provide opportunities to develop new ideologies and perceptions about various cultures and social identities as they exist throughout our society.
  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will ADVOCATE. Beyond educating the campus community, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion understands its role in advocating for students when campus policies and procedures are designed and enacted. When involved in tough policy conversations, the first priority of ODI is to ensure that the rights and needs of students from all identities and or backgrounds are not only considered, but understood.
  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will DEVELOP. Research has shown that students from historically underrepresented populations often experience a much more challenging transition into college, which can have adverse affects on their overall success, matriculation, and development. Whether it be providing opportunities for student involvement in organizations specific to the needs of various social or cultural groups, or providing academic assistance, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is designed to assist students with their social and academic development as they matriculate throughout the collegiate career at Longwood University.
  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will SUPPORT. Whatever the specific needs are of students from various historically underrepresented populations, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is committed to supporting students to ensure that their experience at Longwood is enjoyable and fruitful, so they too graduate and transcend into socially conscious citizen leaders for the common good.